Canon D10 Review

Posted: July 13, 2009
Canon D10 Review

Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip cover the Canon D10, a weatherproof digital camera that could be perfect for your next camping trip where you scuba-dive into the Artic Ocean.

What You Need To Know

  • The Canon Powershot D10 is 2" thick, a slightly odd shape to hold and a fun detachable lanyard.
  • It's larger than the Olympus weatherproof 1030SW camera but the Canon's larger body with bigger buttons makes it easier to use.
  • The camera was hardy enough to survive our AOTS tests, which included multiple drop-kicking, surfing and snowboarding.
  • The snowboarding pictures came out great despite the crazy storms.
  • It's pretty close to the best weather-proof camera that can take good photos inside and outside.
  • Colors are accurate and bright, and very little noise even at higher ISOs.
  • Indoor shots aren't bad and sometimes blur too much. The flash over-exposes a little bit, as well.
  • Overall, pictures look great, it's easy to use and useful to have around.


  • $280.00
  • This is a good deal for the camera, but doesn't mean you should replace this with your regular poitn and shoots for normal occasions.




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  • Jennyjenif

    With the features like Waterproof, Shockproof, Freezeproof, the Canon PowerShot D10, like most of the company s models, is a technological marvel. Combining low price, high-tech, and ease of use is a Canon specialty. They ve raised the bar to new heights in this case.
    http://www.digitaldesires.ne t/canon-powershot-d10-a-bubble -body-camera.html

    Posted: June 2, 2011 1:24 AM
  • sevenwhitehorses

    what you failed to take into account, this camera will go down to 33 feet!!!!! A vast number of divers never go below that but they do go below the 3-10 foot range which is as deep as the olympus will go. So for an avid skindiver or casual scuba diver this is a GREAT camera not just good. You do not have to buy a housing which at the VERY least i.e. for a Canon G9, costs $150 going up to $1,500 (for just a housing).

    Posted: July 14, 2009 1:28 PM
  • hoe_lil

    wow (cam-chucks) !!! wow u come up wit that soooo fast lol

    Posted: July 14, 2009 11:29 AM