The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner Interview

Posted: July 1, 2009
The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner Interview

Olivia Munn interviews Jeremy Renner about The Hurt Locker, his new film that follows a US Army bomb squad in present day Iraq.

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  • txn25lighters

    i probably bought a bunch of armor piercing rounds, rkg-3's and rpg rounds, antitank mines and copper plates for efps to be used on american and coalition forces, but i also could have spent it on a 2 dollar dvd named "hurt locked" that failed to show anybody whose never deployed a sense of the reality of iraq.. i got an idea though, you give me my 2 dollars, tell me your address and phone number and i'll come get my money when you get paid, dont work too hard...

    Posted: September 1, 2009 12:08 PM
  • LineJumper12


    I seem to have come across this same post on numerous comment sections in the past couple of months, are you the same poster that keeps knocking the film? You have to be. You keep telling everyone you bought the film from a "hadji guy."

    BTW, I'm sure the MPAA would love to know that our military men/woman are spending hard earned taxpayer money on bootleg movies. You know you could be financing the very "enemy" you are fighting? Your two dollars are hard at work trying to defeat you.

    The Hurt Locker is the best movie I've seen in years. Period.

    Posted: July 6, 2009 6:22 PM
  • Ceron158

    wow dude.
    Give em a break...

    Posted: July 3, 2009 8:13 AM
  • txn25lighters

    i saw hurt locker about 6 months ago on bootleg in iraq when i was stationed there, i payed a hadji guy 2 dollars, i have to say it was the dumbest movie i had ever seen along with doomsday, the portrayal of any american soldier in this film was way off...if you see that jeremy renner guy, tell him to send me 2 bucks

    Posted: July 2, 2009 1:33 PM