Left 4 Dead 2 E3 09 Preview

Posted: June 4, 2009
Left 4 Dead 2 E3 09 Preview
Chet Faliszek, writer for 'Left 4 Dead 2', talks about Valve's approach to making a sequel. Learn about the game's improved storyline, gameplay modes, new weapons and new special infected playable characters.

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  • Trityler

    While I'm excited for L4D2, I kinda feel its too soon. The first one has only been out for, what, half a year? I kinda want to see Halflife2: Ep 3 more. Wasn't the Orange Box back in 2007? It just sort of feels like L4D is cutting in front of the line. My guess is that they are developing a couple of new titles that they can bundle with Ep3, like they did with The Orange Box.

    Posted: June 5, 2009 8:06 PM
  • thedarkkni9ht

    pure excitement... can not wait for November

    Posted: June 5, 2009 2:29 PM