Mass Effect 2 E3 2009 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay

Posted: June 3, 2009
Mass Effect 2 E3 2009 HD Direct-Feed Gameplay
The much anticipated sequel to the highly controversial Mass Effect. Bioware continues with the second part of their sci-fi epic.

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  • Blackronin357

    Loved the 1st one, can't wait for the 2nd and 3rd! My version of shepard was a shotgun and pistol wielder, so I wanna see what weapons I can train with or if I have access to all of them now. Also I saw a guy get lifted w/ stasis (I think that's what its called) so I wonder if I can either further increase those skills, start over w/ new ones, and/or get some new ones in addition or completely. So many questions, thank god their are so few months till the answers come.

    Posted: June 27, 2009 7:25 PM
  • Zack_Nero

    it looks like the weapon system now has a reloading thing, also is that
    Shepard a soldier class, because my Shepard is a Vangurad class, and i wonder how that would vary?

    Posted: June 7, 2009 10:25 PM
  • shamus312

    the weapons sound a lot better than they did in ME1 the gameplay seems the same, but it's the story that will keep me in it.

    Posted: June 4, 2009 3:48 PM
  • RemedyXx

    Looking great, can't wait for the release.

    Posted: June 4, 2009 3:46 AM