Sony E3 2009 Press Conference

Posted: June 2, 2009
Sony E3 2009 Press Conference
Here, now, is Sony's press conference from E3 2009, featuring a demo of 'God of War III,' the announcement of the PSP Go, a look at 'Assassin's Creed 2,' and much, much more.
Sony E3 2009 Live Blog

Sony E3 2009 Live Blog

By Brian Leahy - Posted Jul 09, 2009
[10:34] Brian Leahy: "Almost time for Sony!"
[10:39] Brian Leahy: "This is Sony's year to show us games. They have a high bar to jump with Microsoft basically saying, "We're not going to talk, here's gameplay.""
[10:40] Raymond Padilla: "So far Brian, I have Microsoft leading, with Nintendo signifiantly behind."
[10:40] Patrick Klepek:  "Nintendo conference was by the numbers -- in a good way. If you've seen them before, nothing today was a surprise. Just a bad venue. #e3"
[10:41] Raymond Padilla:  "This is a pretty huge moment for Sony. It needs to make some big moves, especially with the pressure Microsoft has been applying for the last few years and its strong presser."
[10:41] Brian Leahy: "A lot of our readers are pointing to Microsoft not having that many "exclusives." I totally disagree. They had a bunch of exclusives and honestly, exclusives are your system sellers. The 360 has already sold the systems. The PS3 needs to start moving systems this year."
[10:41] Patrick Klepek:  "Also, how cool would a vitality sensor-supporting 24 video game be? Or Silent Hill? #e3"
[10:42] Poll: Do you think we'll see a PS3 price drop?
Yes: ( 53% )
No: ( 47% )
[10:43] Brian Leahy: "Remember, the PSP go has already been confirmed by leaks. It'll be nice to hear more about it, though."
[10:44] Sterling McGarvey:  "As usual, time for Sony. Every year, they never really sink, but they never swim. #e3"
[10:44] Poll: PSP go...
...Hot!: ( 52% )
...Not!: ( 48% )
[10:46] Raymond Padilla: "Some of our viewers aren't familiar with the PSP go. Check it out:"
[10:47] Sterling McGarvey:  "Word on bus is that A/C is busted at LACC. It usually takes til the last day for #e3 to smell like straight armpit. Speed Stick as swag plz."
[10:48] Raymond Padilla:  "Ha ha. Sterling and Klepek are on the bus to the Sony presser. Leahy and I crashed a friend's limo. *snicker*"
[10:49] Raymond Padilla: "A lot of peeps are asking about start time. It's 11AM PST -- about ten minutes."
[10:51] Raymond Padilla: "More viewer answers: As far as I know, Wiebe is still going strong."
[10:52] Raymond Padilla: "Yet more viewer answers: Watching the Sony presser on G4 or G4tv.com is a superior experience than watching it on PSN."
[10:54] Raymond Padilla: "Still more viewer answers: Pikachu is cuter than Brian Leahy...but that's just my opinion. I'm pretty sure Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway has a crush on Mr. Leahy."
[10:55] Raymond Padilla: "Would you believe more viewer answers: Bear wins on land. Shark wins under the sea."
[10:55] Raymond Padilla: "Viewer answers, IV: E3 = Electronic Entertainment Expo"
[10:56] Raymond Padilla: "Leahy is currently fiddling with his 3G card. Technology is failing us right now."
[10:57] Poll: What is your favorite type of rain?
Heavy Rain:  ( 45% )
Chocolate Rain:  ( 28% )
Purple Rain:  ( 17% )
Epic Game's Mark Rein:  ( 10% )
[10:59] Raymond Padilla: "Presser hasn't started yet people. Stay where you are!!!"
[10:59] Raymond Padilla: "KGC is mediocre. KFC is far superior."
[11:01] Poll: What do you want most from Sony?
More first-party games!:  ( 37% )
PS3 price drop!:  ( 37% )
PSP go!:  ( 5% )
PS3 slim!:  ( 6% )
PS Home enhancements!:  ( 3% )
PSN enhancements!:  ( 12% )
[11:02] Brian Leahy: "3G is awesome when there aren't hundreds of game journalists in the same place all trying to use 3G."
[11:02] Raymond Padilla: "At the Microsoft presser, most people with iPhones couldn't connect thanks to AT&T's craptacular network."
[11:03] Brian Leahy: "Hasn't started yet, we'll let you know when to refresh the page for the stream."
[11:03] Brian Leahy: "I'm hearing a rumor that Mass Effect could be coming the PS3. You'll remember it wasn't presented at Microsoft's during the "exclusive only" block of games."
[11:03] Brian Leahy: "What do you think, Raymond?"
[11:03] Raymond Padilla: "I think that's pretty spot-on."
[11:04] Brian Leahy: "Do you think Home can be saved?"
[11:05] Raymond Padilla: "Ahhhhhh, saved from what? It serves a purpose -- not as well as originally intended. Some hardcore gamers will always hate it. However, a lot of gamers are buying stuff on Home."
[11:05] Poll: Where do you want your social gaming features?
Home:  ( 32% )
In-Game XMB:  ( 68% )
[11:06] Raymond Padilla: "So the answer is: I don't think it needs to be "saved", but it could be a lot better."
[11:06] Brian Leahy: "As I've written many times, I'm okay with Home as an optional service for people that want a virtual world with microtransactions, but give me a fully-featured in-game XMB."
[11:06] Brian Leahy: "Why can't I launch ALL games and send invites from the XMB yet?"
[11:06] Raymond Padilla: "A lot of people are still filing in. I blame LA traffic. People from the Nintendo presser are running a bit late."
[11:08] Raymond Padilla: "For peeps that asked: The locations of the two pressers aren't far apart, but with LA traffic all bets are off."
[11:09] Brian Leahy: "The feed is live. You should be seeing Adam & Kevin discussing Sony. Our little treat for you since we're running late."
[11:10] Brian Leahy: "And awaaaaaay we go."
[11:10] Raymond Padilla: "It's alive!!!"
[11:11] Patrick Klepek:  "Hey, Sony is starting on time! I might keep my appointmet schedule after all. #e3"
[11:11] Raymond Padilla:  "You need a montage!!!"
[11:11] Brian Leahy: "Sizzle reel time."
[11:11] Raymond Padilla: "The montage is using Queen. Sony already won for best press conference music."
[11:11] Brian Leahy: "Good number of third party games represented as well."
[11:12] Brian Leahy: "There's your PSP LBP!"
[11:12] Raymond Padilla: "Yes, The Beatles are better and more iconic, but Queen is better presser music."
[11:12] Brian Leahy: "Disagree."
[11:12] Brian Leahy: "They better not follow this up with 45 minutes of talking!"
[11:13] Raymond Padilla: ""One Vision" is a corporate-friendly song."
[11:13] Brian Leahy: "Actual applause!"
[11:13] Brian Leahy: "Jack Tretton time!"
[11:13] Raymond Padilla: "SCEA CEO Jack Tretton is kicking things off..with a weak joke."
[11:13] Brian Leahy: "Nice zinger about the leaks."
[11:14] Raymond Padilla: "He's already getting more applause than Cammie Dunaway."
[11:14] Brian Leahy: "364 more games this year? impressive!"
[11:14] Andrew Pfister:  "Great leak jokes from Jack to open Sony. #e3"
[11:14] Raymond Padilla:  "Leaks thing was funny, but not the one about everyone showing up."
[11:14] Brian Leahy: "Apparently, only the PS3 can display video on a large screen."
[11:15] Raymond Padilla: "More energy here than the Nintendo presser. More applause for Tretton than Dunaway."
[11:15] Raymond Padilla: "Someone asked if Kevin James was on stage. That's not Kevin James."
[11:16] Brian Leahy: "30% of retail sales in 2008 were PlayStation (PS3, PSP, PS2)"
[11:16] Raymond Padilla: "Tretton is listing of a bunch of games. The list is good, but a lot of the games are multiplatform."
[11:16] Brian Leahy: "Game drop count - 4 multiplatform / 2 exclusives. Is this a change in strategy?"
[11:17] Brian Leahy: "PS2 is still selling well and it'll keep going."
[11:17] Brian Leahy: "9 million PS2 units sold in 2008."
[11:18] Brian Leahy: "Nearly 100 new titles for PS2."
[11:18] Brian Leahy: "364 Games - 100 = 264 left for PS3, PSP, PSN"
[11:18] Brian Leahy: "CHART!"
[11:19] Raymond Padilla: "Uruguay and Paraguay ftw!!!"
[11:19] Brian Leahy: "24 million PSN accounts (remember, that includes PSP)"
[11:19] Raymond Padilla: "Gimme some pie graphs too!"
[11:20] Brian Leahy: "35 exclusives for 2009."
[11:20] Raymond Padilla: "Nice to see Sucker Punch getting props. They're a great developer."
[11:20] Brian Leahy: "Here comes Evan Wells."
[11:20] Raymond Padilla: "Naughty Dog is getting some love too."
[11:20] Patrick Klepek:  "Jack is correct. I was playing inFamous last night. #e3"
[11:20] Sterling McGarvey:  "Sorry Jack, bags under my eyes come from scheduling #e3. Want to play inFamous, though."
[11:21] Brian Leahy:  "Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta beings TONIGHT at midnight!"
[11:21] Brian Leahy: "Time for a singleplayer demo, though."
[11:21] Raymond Padilla: "You guys going to play the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta tonight? Wish I could, but I have this E3 thing to worry about."
[11:22] Raymond Padilla: "G4tv.com's Sterling McGarvey is probably the biggest Uncharted fanboy evar."
[11:22] Brian Leahy: "Climbing buildings is the best new trend in gaming."
[11:22] Brian Leahy: "Very impressive draw distance."
[11:22] Sterling McGarvey:  "Yay, Uncharted 2 single player! #e3"
[11:22] Patrick Klepek:  "Uncharted 2, the game that's gunning with Splinter Cell Conviction for my favorite game so far #e3"
[11:22] Raymond Padilla:  "Zip lines are cool."
[11:22] Brian Leahy: "Animations look even better than the first game (is that even possible?)"
[11:22] Raymond Padilla: "Just gorgeous all around."
[11:23] Raymond Padilla: "The hot British accent is also nice on the ears."
[11:23] Brian Leahy: "Worst. Helicopter gunner. Ever."
[11:23] Brian Leahy: "Trees blowing around is a very nice touch."
[11:23] Raymond Padilla: "The gunner hates trees."
[11:23] Andrew Pfister:  "Uncharted 2 looks sweet. Curvy screen not so sweet. #e3"
[11:24] Raymond Padilla:  "It's like watching Leahy shoot. Oh crap, you're right next to me. NM."
[11:24] Sterling McGarvey:  "There's that traversal gunplay. Living up to my expectations so far. #e3 #uncharted2"
[11:25] Brian Leahy:  "Very good demo."
[11:25] Raymond Padilla: "I'm sorry, that was totally hawt!"
[11:25] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, best presser demo thus far?"
[11:26] Brian Leahy: "MAG time."
[11:26] Brian Leahy: "Live gameplay unveil for the public."
[11:26] Brian Leahy: "I really hope they get the pacing on this correct. I want SLOW paced, tactical battles."
[11:27] Raymond Padilla: "That's what she said."
[11:27] Brian Leahy: "Amazing loading screen with 256 names!"
[11:27] Brian Leahy: "Top-down command interface is a must!"
[11:28] Raymond Padilla: "Can we use it to kill Milo?"
[11:28] Brian Leahy: "Battlefield 2 vibe overwhelming (that is a GOOD thing)"
[11:28] Patrick Klepek:  "The theme of all thee major press conferences: show, don't tell. I like. #e3"
[11:29] Raymond Padilla:  "Ben Jones is the platoon leader."
[11:29] Brian Leahy: "I'm liking the pace of this."
[11:29] Raymond Padilla: "Meeeeeeeeeeee...and Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones."
[11:30] Brian Leahy: "A light of ring notification around the gun to show things going on around the player. Might be too much."
[11:30] Raymond Padilla: "Viewer pointed out "Mr. Jones and Me" would've worked too. Mrs. Jones is just a classic though."
[11:31] Brian Leahy: "Real world spawning is tight. Have to clear LZ's to allow helos to come in."
[11:31] Raymond Padilla: "I dunno.... Looks cool and it's way impressive to have 256 players, but I think I'd have more fun playing four-player Mario."
[11:31] Brian Leahy: "Playable on the floor."
[11:31] Brian Leahy: "That was MAG."
[11:32] Brian Leahy: "Releasing this Fall."
[11:32] Brian Leahy: "Over to the PSP already?"
[11:32] Raymond Padilla: "Curious...."
[11:32] Brian Leahy: "Time for the go "reveal""
[11:33] Raymond Padilla: "Skype, Internet radio, and now...Facebook (speculation)?!?"
[11:33] Brian Leahy: "PSP, Richer & Deeper than the DS."
[11:33] Raymond Padilla: "Crisis Core was awesome, btw. Everyone should know that."
[11:33] Brian Leahy: "Rock Band Unplugged and Dissidia bundles coming. Another bundle for Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines."
[11:33] Patrick Klepek:  "MAG demo seemed more about saying "hey, we can do 256 at once," rather than telling me why it's important to the game. #e3"
[11:33] Andrew Pfister:  "Key to MAG is how anon players co-ordinate. I'm skeptical. #e3"
[11:33] Sterling McGarvey:  "RT @Patrick Klepek: The theme of all thee major press conferences: show, don't tell. I like. #e3"
[11:33] Brian Leahy:  ""tween" alert."
[11:34] Brian Leahy: "Hannah Montana joke applause was awesome."
[11:34] Raymond Padilla: "Lilac PSP with Hannah Montanna! Leahy, get your pre-order in!"
[11:34] Brian Leahy: "Kaz Hirai, cooooome oooooon dooooown."
[11:34] Raymond Padilla: "Kaz Hirai is taking over."
[11:35] Raymond Padilla: "He can be REALLY dull. Hope he has more energy than usual today."
[11:35] Brian Leahy: "Strike the crab for massive damage?"
[11:35] Sterling McGarvey:  "AC PSP confirmed for 1 week b4 AC2. #e3"
[11:35] Andrew Pfister:  "Another conference theme is mock cheering for tween/casual software. #e3"
[11:36] Brian Leahy:  ""Officially" announce ;)"
[11:36] Raymond Padilla: "PSP go is for people that live a "more digital lifestyle"."
[11:36] Brian Leahy: "Very curious to hear how they are going to deal with all the UMD's I already own."
[11:36] Raymond Padilla: "The hardware is pretty slick...until you open it up."
[11:36] Brian Leahy: "PSP go = "Worst kept secret of E3""
[11:37] Brian Leahy: "Again, UMD PSP-3000 will continue to be sold and supported."
[11:37] Raymond Padilla: "The white one looks better, but black borders are better for video."
[11:37] Brian Leahy: "50% smaller & 40% lighter than original PSP."
[11:38] Sterling McGarvey:  "Kaz could only be on to show off PSP Go! #e3"
[11:38] Brian Leahy:  "M2 memory for expansion"
[11:38] Brian Leahy: "New PC application for accessing PlayStation Store on the computer = Media Go."
[11:39] Raymond Padilla: "Sense me?"
[11:39] Raymond Padilla: "Sense yourself!!!"
[11:39] Brian Leahy: "New app = twelve tone media analysis to analyze your music collection to create playlists for you."
[11:39] Sterling McGarvey:  "DnB beats to introduce PSP Go. 16GB mem, WiFi, Bluetooth, MemStick port, "Sense Me" music software, new Media Mgr software. #e3"
[11:39] Brian Leahy:  "Price drop on PSP toolkits for developers."
[11:40] Brian Leahy: "Eventually, an 80% reduction in price for the toolkit."
[11:40] Brian Leahy: "All titles distributed digitally on PSN Store and as UMDs?!"
[11:41] Brian Leahy: "Available in NA and Europe at $249 on October 1st."
[11:41] Brian Leahy: "November 1st in Japan"
[11:41] Poll: PSP go price?
Good deal!:  ( 19% )
Rip off!:  ( 35% )
Meh....:  ( 47% )
[11:42] Brian Leahy: "The Go is cool, but that is too expensive."
[11:42] Raymond Padilla: "That calls for a poll!"
[11:42] Brian Leahy: "Video service coming to the PSP as a native application."
[11:42] Brian Leahy: "G4 whatup!"
[11:42] Sterling McGarvey:  "Thank God I can download games from PS Store. PSP Go - $250 on 10/1. #e3"
[11:42] Raymond Padilla:  "This is now the best handheld ever. All Sessler, all the time."
[11:43] Brian Leahy: "More news!"
[11:43] Brian Leahy: "Polyphony! Gran Turismo tiiiiime!"
[11:43] Raymond Padilla: "Polyphony Digital's Kazanouri Yamauchi!!!"
[11:43] Raymond Padilla: "Prepare for translation!"
[11:44] Brian Leahy: "Gran Turismo PSP running on a PSP Go."
[11:44] Raymond Padilla: "Gran Turismo on the "go". Get it?!? Muahahahaha!!!"
[11:44] Brian Leahy: "Full scale GT at 60fps on PSP."
[11:44] Raymond Padilla: "Ohhhh, have another idea for a poll."
[11:44] Brian Leahy: "GT PSP = 800 cars, 35 tracks (60 variations)"
[11:45] Poll: What would you rather have?
PSP go:  ( 70% )
Zune HD:  ( 30% )
[11:45] Brian Leahy: "Get ready for GT PSP & GT5 connectivity."
[11:45] Raymond Padilla: "Connectivity goes against "physical reality". *snicker*"
[11:46] Brian Leahy: "Ad-hoc multiplayer for four players."
[11:46] Brian Leahy: "Car trading and sharing!"
[11:46] Brian Leahy: "Gotta catch 'em all!"
[11:47] Raymond Padilla: "Car Pokemon?"
[11:47] Raymond Padilla: "Honda, use sand attack!"
[11:47] Brian Leahy: "Don't think we'll be getting Infrastructure multiplayer from the sound of it... I hope I'm wrong."
[11:47] Sterling McGarvey:  "Not the biggest GT fan, but I'm happy to see this. Integration with GT5, plz. :) #e3"
[11:48] Raymond Padilla:  "Great job Honda! Return! Tesla Roadster, I choose you!!!"
[11:48] Brian Leahy: "Video time!"
[11:48] Brian Leahy: "He's sneaking off! No release date mentioned :("
[11:49] Raymond Padilla: "I'm thinking the PSP go is much beter looking from a distance and all touched up on video than in person."
[11:49] Brian Leahy: "Looks very good. Even though it's on a tiny screen on a large screen."
[11:50] Brian Leahy: "Said October 1, 2009, but was that just for the PSP go?"
[11:50] Raymond Padilla: "I've been to the Polyphony office. There are some sick, sick cars there."
[11:50] Brian Leahy: "Ah, day and date!"
[11:50] Brian Leahy: "KOJIMA!!!!!!"
[11:50] Raymond Padilla: "Kojima time?"
[11:51] Raymond Padilla: "The two-timing Hideo Kojima."
[11:51] Brian Leahy: "Snake for PSP!"
[11:51] Brian Leahy: "Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker"
[11:51] Raymond Padilla: "Peacewalkers, Snakeaters..."
[11:51] Andrew Pfister:  "Really hard to judge PSP games on the big screen, but GT appears to be, as the kids say, "hot." #e3"
[11:51] Raymond Padilla:  "'70s? Will there be disco?"
[11:52] Raymond Padilla: "10 years after MGS III."
[11:52] Brian Leahy: "Set 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3 - 1970's. "True sequel of the Metal Gear franchise""
[11:52] Brian Leahy: "Kojima is deeply involved - writing the script and producing. MGS4 team will participate. Not a spin-off. Not a side-story."
[11:52] Raymond Padilla: "Does that mean the Xbox 360 MGS is getting the B-team?"
[11:53] Brian Leahy: "PSP elements will be added."
[11:53] Brian Leahy: "Trailer!!!!"
[11:53] Sterling McGarvey:  "What? What? New PSP MGS? #e3"
[11:53] Raymond Padilla:  "Poll time after the trailer!"
[11:54] Brian Leahy: "Outer Heaven!"
[11:54] Brian Leahy: "We're totally playing Big Boss' creation of Outer Heaven."
[11:56] Brian Leahy: "I see soooo many Snakes."
[11:56] Poll: What would you rather play?
Metal Gear Solid Xbox 360:  ( 49% )
Metal Gear Solid PSP:  ( 42% )
Metal Gear Solid Colorforms:  ( 9% )
[11:56] Raymond Padilla: "I am Solid Snake!"
[11:56] Raymond Padilla: "Box ftw."
[11:57] Brian Leahy: "2010 - Co-op box feature?"
[11:57] Brian Leahy: "Play it again, Sam?"
[11:57] Brian Leahy: "Note, Metal Gear Solid Rising may not be Xbox 360 exclusive."
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "'Tis true."
[11:58] Brian Leahy: "I just hope the controls are a bit better than Portable Ops."
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "Klepek reported it yesterday on G4tv.com"
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "Tretton is back."
[11:58] Brian Leahy: "One analog stick hurts :("
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "Capcom time"
[11:58] Brian Leahy: "Resident Evil series talk."
[11:59] Brian Leahy: "Resident Evil on the PSP in 2010. New game."
[11:59] Raymond Padilla: "Resident Evil coming to PSP in 2010, I believe Jack said."
[11:59] Brian Leahy: "Cheer for the tween games!"
[11:59] Raymond Padilla: "Harry Potter on PSP. Btw, Snape kills Dumbledore. *snicker*"
[11:59] Brian Leahy: "PSP sizzle reel time."
[12:01] Raymond Padilla: "Sony's production is pretty slick. Wucha think Brian?"
[12:01] Brian Leahy: "Yay  Soulcalibur PSP."
[12:01] Brian Leahy: "Good so far, and I'm guessing we've got more to come when we get back to the PS3."
[12:02] Brian Leahy: "Unfortunately, load times still really hurt my PSP experience."
[12:02] Raymond Padilla: "Barbie horse game?"
[12:03] Patrick Klepek:  "Multiplayer Echochrome? #e3"
[12:03] Sterling McGarvey:  "Sizzle trailer reveals Echochrome sequel AND Fat Princess on PSP. #e3"
[12:03] Raymond Padilla:  "Barbie Horse Game vs. Titanic MMO: Fight!"
[12:03] Brian Leahy: "PSN time."
[12:04] Brian Leahy: "Can you help me out... I seem to have dropped all of these numbers."
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "ha!"
[12:04] Brian Leahy: "24 million PSN accounts, 11 million in North America."
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "Charts!!!"
[12:04] Brian Leahy: "Let's count the times he mentions "free""
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "Gimme a pie graph Jack. Lay it on me!"
[12:04] Patrick Klepek:  "I think @leighalexander may have died during that Metal Gear trailer #e3"
[12:04] Andrew Pfister:  "Very strong PSP showing. System rejuvenation incoming? #e3"
[12:04] Brian Leahy:  "50 PSX classics coming to PS Store this year. Final Fantasy VII available TODAY."
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "Final Fantasy VII apologists go at it!"
[12:05] Brian Leahy: "Uh oh. Maybe I should sit this part out. Home time."
[12:05] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, check this out: FFVII was good, but very overrated."
[12:05] Brian Leahy: "6.5 million worldwide Home users. 85% return. "De-Facto standard" -- Not so much."
[12:06] Brian Leahy: "Content for inFAMOUS, Buzz, and SOCOM. Shouldn't these be available when the game launches?"
[12:06] Raymond Padilla: "Will Sony show a commercial that's actually meaningful?"
[12:07] Brian Leahy: "Man, I just don't get Home. Why do I want to go to a virtual movie theater to see a video instead of just downloading it from the store?"
[12:07] Patrick Klepek:  "For one second, I thought I heard Final Fantasy 7 remake. Heart skipped a beat #e3"
[12:07] Sterling McGarvey:  "FF7 in PS Store? I guess I know what the Mrs is DLing tonite. #e3"
[12:07] Patrick Klepek:  "Oh god that is a creepy looking Chun-Li :( #e3"
[12:07] Raymond Padilla:  "The commercial is cool and more informative than past PS3 commercials, but are mainstream consumers supposed to understand this?"
[12:08] Brian Leahy: "So, the new features for Home? None. Just new spaces."
[12:08] Raymond Padilla: "2009 is all about "cawn-tent"."
[12:09] Brian Leahy: "Back to the PS3. Sizzle Reel time. Keep your eyes open for new games."
[12:09] Raymond Padilla: "zip lines!!!"
[12:09] Raymond Padilla: "FFXIII looks better on PS3."
[12:09] Andrew Pfister:  "Nope. Home still not for me. Thanks, though. (trailer gets polite applause) #e3"
[12:10] Raymond Padilla:  "Mafia II sleeper hit of 2009?"
[12:11] Brian Leahy: "Mostly multiplatform games so far."
[12:11] Brian Leahy: "There's Heavy Rain!"
[12:12] Raymond Padilla: "Singstar: Queen will rule."
[12:12] Sterling McGarvey:  "More sizzle reveals new Buzz PS3. I look fwd to smiting you all online. #e3"
[12:13] Raymond Padilla:  "DC Universe Online: Return of the Blue Beetle"
[12:13] Raymond Padilla: "I'm checking out Bioshock 2 later today, boys and girls. Stay tuned!"
[12:14] Brian Leahy: "Rockstar!"
[12:14] Raymond Padilla: "Rockstar is kicking off a new property on PS3"
[12:14] Brian Leahy: "Exclusive PS3 title - Agent"
[12:14] Brian Leahy: "Espionage and Assassin game in the late 1970's."
[12:15] Raymond Padilla: ""Secret, agent man! Secret, agent man!!!""
[12:15] Brian Leahy: "Oh, here's our AC2 demo."
[12:15] Andrew Pfister:  "Weird that BioShock 2 isn't getting much attention at either conference. #e3"
[12:15] Sterling McGarvey:  "Rockstar has new PS3 exclusive, Agent. Spy game in late 70s. #e3"
[12:15] Raymond Padilla:  "Yeah, because Ubi didn't have enough time yesterday. Wish they used this yesterday instead of James Cameron talking about 1,000-foot trees."
[12:16] Brian Leahy: "Sitting on a bench and talking to bums makes a return! Oh, stabby!"
[12:17] Sterling McGarvey:  "Rockstar has new PS3 exclusive, Agent. Spy game in late 70s. AC2 demo looks awesome. #e3"
[12:17] Brian Leahy:  "Oh, nice. You don't start off as an assassin. No more "losing your powers" crap."
[12:17] Raymond Padilla: "Leonardo's flying machine. That's pretty cute."
[12:17] Brian Leahy: "Flying kick!"
[12:18] Raymond Padilla: "He said "elp", btw, not "help"."
[12:18] Brian Leahy: "Do a barrel roll!"
[12:18] Brian Leahy: "Let's hope combat is improved. Show us new combat!"
[12:18] Raymond Padilla: "Dees game is...'ow you zay...pro-pry-terry!"
[12:19] Brian Leahy: "Double assassinate!!!"
[12:19] Brian Leahy: "Jumping into hay makes a return!"
[12:19] Raymond Padilla: "Peeps in the crowd are impressed."
[12:20] Brian Leahy: "Weapon unlocks if you play the PSP version."
[12:20] Raymond Padilla: "I'm curious about the PS3/PSP connectivity. Could be cool. Could be annoying."
[12:20] Brian Leahy: "Swimming!"
[12:21] Raymond Padilla: "Biggest applause of the presser thus far?"
[12:21] Patrick Klepek:  "Do I need to play the original Assassin's Creed now? #e3"
[12:21] Brian Leahy:  "Assassin's Creed 2 - Holiday release."
[12:22] Raymond Padilla: "FFXIII time!!!"
[12:22] Brian Leahy: "Cue up the vid."
[12:22] Brian Leahy: "English!"
[12:22] Raymond Padilla: "English voice acting in place."
[12:23] Raymond Padilla: "Hrmmm...voice acting is going to be hugely important for this game."
[12:23] Sterling McGarvey:  "So MS got SC, Sony gets AC2. Not a bad compromise, Ubi. #e3"
[12:23] Raymond Padilla:  "So far it's...okay."
[12:24] Brian Leahy: "I love this new combat engine."
[12:24] Raymond Padilla: "I'm ready to play now!!!"
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "I don't care if one dude has a condom on his head and another dude has Robert Downey's voice from Tropic Thunder."
[12:25] Brian Leahy: "There's your 2010 :("
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "Whoa!!!"
[12:25] Brian Leahy: "WHAAAAT?!"
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "FFXIV!!!"
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "PS3 exclusive!!!"
[12:26] Brian Leahy: "PS3 exclusive.. in 2010?!"
[12:26] Raymond Padilla: "Please don't be an MMO."
[12:26] Brian Leahy: "What is happening!?"
[12:26] Raymond Padilla: "Eorzea is her name."
[12:26] Raymond Padilla: "I was scared it was going to be Eeyore."
[12:27] Raymond Padilla: "I want a chocobo."
[12:27] Brian Leahy: "Welp. MMO."
[12:27] Raymond Padilla: "Gameplay clip wasn't as impressive as the announcement."
[12:27] Brian Leahy: "Well, maybe not an MMO, but it's at least Online."
[12:27] Raymond Padilla: "I have friends that love FFXI, but I'm totally "meh" about it."
[12:28] Brian Leahy: "Motion controls?"
[12:28] Patrick Klepek:  "It's an MMO -- boo. :( #e3"
[12:28] Andrew Pfister:  "FF 14, I WILL PLAY YOU. #e3"
[12:28] Brian Leahy:  "Time to show me something more impressive than Natal."
[12:28] Raymond Padilla: ""Wherever you go, whatever you do....""
[12:28] Raymond Padilla: "Oh, not that Richard Marx."
[12:29] Raymond Padilla: "Looks like a sex toy."
[12:29] Brian Leahy: "Thank god that isn't the final design."
[12:29] Raymond Padilla: "Oh, it's a prototype."
[12:30] Brian Leahy: "Tech demo time."
[12:30] Raymond Padilla: "*yawn*"
[12:31] Raymond Padilla: "Move Anton. Move me!"
[12:31] Raymond Padilla: "I don't care about this. I don't care about Natal. But I suppose Sony and Microsoft are trying to get more of a mainstream crowd with these control schemes."
[12:32] Patrick Klepek:  "One step closer to Harry Potter #e3"
[12:32] Brian Leahy:  "This definitely has more fidelity than Natal, but this is not an impressive demo."
[12:33] Brian Leahy: "Natal is full-body, live mo-cap, though. Unless the PS Eye gets an upgrade too..."
[12:34] Poll: Do you care about motion controls on the PS3 or Xbox 360?
Gimme waggle!!!:  ( 45% )
Leave that stuff to the Wii!!!:  ( 55% )
[12:34] Patrick Klepek:  "This controller looks expensive #e3"
[12:34] Andrew Pfister:  "This is...hmm. Cool tech, odd demo?#e3"
[12:34] Andrew Pfister:  "This is the step between MotionPlus and Natal. #e3"
[12:35] Brian Leahy:  "Like I said, way more precise, but not as impressive."
[12:36] Raymond Padilla: "Impressive tech doesn't mean it's fun."
[12:36] Brian Leahy: "Really... you're console solution for RTS is a complex, camera-enabled wand system... and not a mouse?"
[12:37] Raymond Padilla: "To be fair, Kudo (the Natal) guy is a really dynamic speaker and he showed off the product well. Richard Marx is super smart and has a lovely singing voice, but his demo is dull."
[12:37] Brian Leahy: "They should have opened with this demonstration."
[12:38] Patrick Klepek:  "Tech demos are interesting, but where are the real games? Wii remains miles ahead of the competition. #e3"
[12:38] Raymond Padilla:  "Where's the rubber duck demo? Oh, that was Phil Harrison's schtick."
[12:39] Raymond Padilla: "Milo has better aim than Anton."
[12:39] Brian Leahy: "What worries me is using this for a full game. The Wiimote has a lot more buttons available for other inputs."
[12:39] Andrew Pfister:  "Archery and paint = technology. #e3"
[12:39] Sterling McGarvey:  "Dildo jokes will get old faster than Wii puns. Looks okay. I'm feeling "wait n see" about everyone's new tech. #e3"
[12:40] Brian Leahy:  "Spring 2010 for PS3 Motion Control."
[12:40] Raymond Padilla: "Spring 2010 for PlayStation Sex Toy"
[12:40] Brian Leahy: "900,000 levels created for LBP."
[12:41] Brian Leahy: "LittleBigPlanet PSP and... Disney costumes?"
[12:41] Raymond Padilla: "Billy Ho!"
[12:42] Brian Leahy: "ModNation Racers - new Play. Create. Share. game."
[12:42] Raymond Padilla: "(That was from White Men Can't Jump)"
[12:42] Raymond Padilla: "slideshow?"
[12:42] Brian Leahy: "JoyRide from Microsoft. ModNation Racers from Sony."
[12:42] Raymond Padilla: "This reminds me of E3 1999 when a Euro dev gave me a demo using concept art."
[12:42] Brian Leahy: "You heard it... put the PS3's power to use for a kart racer."
[12:43] Raymond Padilla: "I don't feel empowered."
[12:47] Raymond Padilla: "I think I need some Red Bull."
[12:48] Raymond Padilla: "Wrap it up boys. I have a Final Fantasy XIII demo to attend!"
[12:48] Brian Leahy: "Later Ray!"
[12:48] Brian Leahy: "This creation is pretty seamless.  "
[12:49] Sterling McGarvey:  "Can I throw stuff at opponents in ModNation Racers? DIY Mario Kart could be sweet. #e3"
[12:50] Raymond Padilla:  "Again, another example of impressive tech, but I don't know how fun this all is."
[12:50] Raymond Padilla: "It could very well be outstandingly entertaining, but it's tough to show that in a presser."
[12:51] Raymond Padilla: "Later Billy Ho!"
[12:51] Brian Leahy: "Sneak peak time."
[12:51] Raymond Padilla: "ohhhhhh"
[12:51] Brian Leahy: "TRIIIIICO!"
[12:51] Brian Leahy: "Real title: The Last Guardian."
[12:51] Raymond Padilla: "I want it!"
[12:52] Raymond Padilla: "Haven't I seen this before?"
[12:52] Sterling McGarvey:  "The Last Guardian. Team ICO's latest. :) #e3"
[12:52] Raymond Padilla:  "The Last Dragon, The Last Starfighter...I smell success for The Last Guardian."
[12:53] Raymond Padilla: "The Last Unicorn...wait..NM."
[12:53] Raymond Padilla: "The art is brilliant...so is the luck dragon."
[12:54] Raymond Padilla: "Barrels are yummy."
[12:55] Brian Leahy: "So far, looks like the leaked footage with the real title instead of Trico."
[12:55] Brian Leahy: "Guessing this is entirely in-game."
[12:56] Raymond Padilla: "It's beautiful. I'm talking like Zoolander's Magnum beautiful."
[12:56] Brian Leahy: "GT5 time."
[12:56] Brian Leahy: "Please give us a release date!"
[12:57] Raymond Padilla: "The Last Guardian looks like one of those games that will make you "feel". Ico was fantastic at bringing out emotion through graphics and color."
[12:57] Brian Leahy: "NASCAR license."
[12:58] Poll: What racing game impressed you more?
Gran Turismo 5:  ( 69% )
Forza 3:  ( 31% )
[12:58] Brian Leahy: "God of War III time."
[12:59] Brian Leahy: "First few minutes demo!"
[12:59] Raymond Padilla: "Blue Man Group?"
[1:01] Brian Leahy: "Those are some conveniently low-flying harpies."
[1:01] Raymond Padilla: "Harpy boobs. ewwwwww"
[1:03] Raymond Padilla: "I rather play Dante's Inferno...just kidding. smiley-smile.gif ¨"
[1:03] Brian Leahy: "There's your "zipper" system."
[1:04] Raymond Padilla: "Sony's two hours are much more enjoyable than Ubisoft's two hours."
[1:05] Brian Leahy: "This is the Chimera. It has three "forms" as you disable it's different animal representations. Each one has a different fighting style and weakness."
[1:06] Brian Leahy: "Demo live on the show floor with another 20 minutes of gameplay. Release date: March 2010."
[1:06] Poll: After two hours, what do you think of Sony's presser?
Better than MS and Nintendo:  ( 76% )
Worse than MS and Nintendo:  ( 17% )
Better than MS, worse than Nintendo:  ( 4% )
Worse than Nintendo, better than MS:  ( 4% )
[1:06] Raymond Padilla: "Oops. Goofed one of the poll answers."
[1:06] Brian Leahy: "Your last two options are the same :P"
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Looks like it's over!"
[1:07] Raymond Padilla: "Heavy Rain?"
[1:07] Raymond Padilla: "Meh."
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Good presentation, but a few missing games."
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Luckily, we'll have tons of Heavy Rain coverage coming up."
[1:07] Raymond Padilla: "I'm writing up a press conference report card later tonight!"
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Raymond and I have to get on to our appointments."
[1:08] Brian Leahy: "Hope you enjoyed the coverage."
[1:08] Raymond Padilla: "And don't forget to check out our very own live show on G4tv.com"
[] Poll: 6PM PST!!!
[1:08] Raymond Padilla: "Milo 4 life!!!"
[1:08] Brian Leahy: "We'll be live-blogging tonight's live show on G4tv.com You'll be able to ask questions."
[1:08] Andrew Pfister:  "Wow. God of War 3. The titan looked amazing, even if it's colossus mk. II. #e3"
[1:08] Brian Leahy:  "Also, tomorrow. We'll be blogging Square-Enix and Konami's press conferences.  "
[1:09] Brian Leahy: "Enjoy E3 everyone!"
[1:09] Brian Leahy: "Sony Post-show coverage is on TV on G4. http://www.g4tv.com/channel to find your channel on your cable provider."

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  • zanctium

    Way unprofessional. G4 needs to get up and do something. Totally lame.

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    i get the first bfew seconds of what adam says and does not load,reloaded 3 times just to be sure

    Posted: June 2, 2009 3:48 PM
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    Same here. I'm not getting any audio and the video has completely stopped (ads work fine). Shame...

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    im with you chitownfire66.

    i like the new look, but it seems like this switch might have been better off after E3. i dont know if it is the new format giving the videos and streams some lag but i am not impressed by the way G4 is handling the event/new look.

    i know i shouldnt base my whole experience with the website only on this video but Sony's press conference was my most wanted for this years E3. i hope this gets resolved quickly.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 3:44 PM
  • Chitownfire66

    Terrible, this isn't working and the channels audio is way off. They are definitely screwing up big time during one of their major shows of the year. Thank god I am not recording they're channel right now, to stay informed. I'd be pissed!

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