Sony E3 2009 Press Conference

Posted: June 2, 2009
Sony E3 2009 Press Conference
Here, now, is Sony's press conference from E3 2009, featuring a demo of 'God of War III,' the announcement of the PSP Go, a look at 'Assassin's Creed 2,' and much, much more.
Sony E3 2009 Live Blog

Sony E3 2009 Live Blog

By Brian Leahy - Posted Jul 09, 2009
[10:34] Brian Leahy: "Almost time for Sony!"
[10:39] Brian Leahy: "This is Sony's year to show us games. They have a high bar to jump with Microsoft basically saying, "We're not going to talk, here's gameplay.""
[10:40] Raymond Padilla: "So far Brian, I have Microsoft leading, with Nintendo signifiantly behind."
[10:40] Patrick Klepek:  "Nintendo conference was by the numbers -- in a good way. If you've seen them before, nothing today was a surprise. Just a bad venue. #e3"
[10:41] Raymond Padilla:  "This is a pretty huge moment for Sony. It needs to make some big moves, especially with the pressure Microsoft has been applying for the last few years and its strong presser."
[10:41] Brian Leahy: "A lot of our readers are pointing to Microsoft not having that many "exclusives." I totally disagree. They had a bunch of exclusives and honestly, exclusives are your system sellers. The 360 has already sold the systems. The PS3 needs to start moving systems this year."
[10:41] Patrick Klepek:  "Also, how cool would a vitality sensor-supporting 24 video game be? Or Silent Hill? #e3"
[10:42] Poll: Do you think we'll see a PS3 price drop?
Yes: ( 53% )
No: ( 47% )
[10:43] Brian Leahy: "Remember, the PSP go has already been confirmed by leaks. It'll be nice to hear more about it, though."
[10:44] Sterling McGarvey:  "As usual, time for Sony. Every year, they never really sink, but they never swim. #e3"
[10:44] Poll: PSP go...
...Hot!: ( 52% )
...Not!: ( 48% )
[10:46] Raymond Padilla: "Some of our viewers aren't familiar with the PSP go. Check it out:"
[10:47] Sterling McGarvey:  "Word on bus is that A/C is busted at LACC. It usually takes til the last day for #e3 to smell like straight armpit. Speed Stick as swag plz."
[10:48] Raymond Padilla:  "Ha ha. Sterling and Klepek are on the bus to the Sony presser. Leahy and I crashed a friend's limo. *snicker*"
[10:49] Raymond Padilla: "A lot of peeps are asking about start time. It's 11AM PST -- about ten minutes."
[10:51] Raymond Padilla: "More viewer answers: As far as I know, Wiebe is still going strong."
[10:52] Raymond Padilla: "Yet more viewer answers: Watching the Sony presser on G4 or G4tv.com is a superior experience than watching it on PSN."
[10:54] Raymond Padilla: "Still more viewer answers: Pikachu is cuter than Brian Leahy...but that's just my opinion. I'm pretty sure Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway has a crush on Mr. Leahy."
[10:55] Raymond Padilla: "Would you believe more viewer answers: Bear wins on land. Shark wins under the sea."
[10:55] Raymond Padilla: "Viewer answers, IV: E3 = Electronic Entertainment Expo"
[10:56] Raymond Padilla: "Leahy is currently fiddling with his 3G card. Technology is failing us right now."
[10:57] Poll: What is your favorite type of rain?
Heavy Rain:  ( 45% )
Chocolate Rain:  ( 28% )
Purple Rain:  ( 17% )
Epic Game's Mark Rein:  ( 10% )
[10:59] Raymond Padilla: "Presser hasn't started yet people. Stay where you are!!!"
[10:59] Raymond Padilla: "KGC is mediocre. KFC is far superior."
[11:01] Poll: What do you want most from Sony?
More first-party games!:  ( 37% )
PS3 price drop!:  ( 37% )
PSP go!:  ( 5% )
PS3 slim!:  ( 6% )
PS Home enhancements!:  ( 3% )
PSN enhancements!:  ( 12% )
[11:02] Brian Leahy: "3G is awesome when there aren't hundreds of game journalists in the same place all trying to use 3G."
[11:02] Raymond Padilla: "At the Microsoft presser, most people with iPhones couldn't connect thanks to AT&T's craptacular network."
[11:03] Brian Leahy: "Hasn't started yet, we'll let you know when to refresh the page for the stream."
[11:03] Brian Leahy: "I'm hearing a rumor that Mass Effect could be coming the PS3. You'll remember it wasn't presented at Microsoft's during the "exclusive only" block of games."
[11:03] Brian Leahy: "What do you think, Raymond?"
[11:03] Raymond Padilla: "I think that's pretty spot-on."
[11:04] Brian Leahy: "Do you think Home can be saved?"
[11:05] Raymond Padilla: "Ahhhhhh, saved from what? It serves a purpose -- not as well as originally intended. Some hardcore gamers will always hate it. However, a lot of gamers are buying stuff on Home."
[11:05] Poll: Where do you want your social gaming features?
Home:  ( 32% )
In-Game XMB:  ( 68% )
[11:06] Raymond Padilla: "So the answer is: I don't think it needs to be "saved", but it could be a lot better."
[11:06] Brian Leahy: "As I've written many times, I'm okay with Home as an optional service for people that want a virtual world with microtransactions, but give me a fully-featured in-game XMB."
[11:06] Brian Leahy: "Why can't I launch ALL games and send invites from the XMB yet?"
[11:06] Raymond Padilla: "A lot of people are still filing in. I blame LA traffic. People from the Nintendo presser are running a bit late."
[11:08] Raymond Padilla: "For peeps that asked: The locations of the two pressers aren't far apart, but with LA traffic all bets are off."
[11:09] Brian Leahy: "The feed is live. You should be seeing Adam & Kevin discussing Sony. Our little treat for you since we're running late."
[11:10] Brian Leahy: "And awaaaaaay we go."
[11:10] Raymond Padilla: "It's alive!!!"
[11:11] Patrick Klepek:  "Hey, Sony is starting on time! I might keep my appointmet schedule after all. #e3"
[11:11] Raymond Padilla:  "You need a montage!!!"
[11:11] Brian Leahy: "Sizzle reel time."
[11:11] Raymond Padilla: "The montage is using Queen. Sony already won for best press conference music."
[11:11] Brian Leahy: "Good number of third party games represented as well."
[11:12] Brian Leahy: "There's your PSP LBP!"
[11:12] Raymond Padilla: "Yes, The Beatles are better and more iconic, but Queen is better presser music."
[11:12] Brian Leahy: "Disagree."
[11:12] Brian Leahy: "They better not follow this up with 45 minutes of talking!"
[11:13] Raymond Padilla: ""One Vision" is a corporate-friendly song."
[11:13] Brian Leahy: "Actual applause!"
[11:13] Brian Leahy: "Jack Tretton time!"
[11:13] Raymond Padilla: "SCEA CEO Jack Tretton is kicking things off..with a weak joke."
[11:13] Brian Leahy: "Nice zinger about the leaks."
[11:14] Raymond Padilla: "He's already getting more applause than Cammie Dunaway."
[11:14] Brian Leahy: "364 more games this year? impressive!"
[11:14] Andrew Pfister:  "Great leak jokes from Jack to open Sony. #e3"
[11:14] Raymond Padilla:  "Leaks thing was funny, but not the one about everyone showing up."
[11:14] Brian Leahy: "Apparently, only the PS3 can display video on a large screen."
[11:15] Raymond Padilla: "More energy here than the Nintendo presser. More applause for Tretton than Dunaway."
[11:15] Raymond Padilla: "Someone asked if Kevin James was on stage. That's not Kevin James."
[11:16] Brian Leahy: "30% of retail sales in 2008 were PlayStation (PS3, PSP, PS2)"
[11:16] Raymond Padilla: "Tretton is listing of a bunch of games. The list is good, but a lot of the games are multiplatform."
[11:16] Brian Leahy: "Game drop count - 4 multiplatform / 2 exclusives. Is this a change in strategy?"
[11:17] Brian Leahy: "PS2 is still selling well and it'll keep going."
[11:17] Brian Leahy: "9 million PS2 units sold in 2008."
[11:18] Brian Leahy: "Nearly 100 new titles for PS2."
[11:18] Brian Leahy: "364 Games - 100 = 264 left for PS3, PSP, PSN"
[11:18] Brian Leahy: "CHART!"
[11:19] Raymond Padilla: "Uruguay and Paraguay ftw!!!"
[11:19] Brian Leahy: "24 million PSN accounts (remember, that includes PSP)"
[11:19] Raymond Padilla: "Gimme some pie graphs too!"
[11:20] Brian Leahy: "35 exclusives for 2009."
[11:20] Raymond Padilla: "Nice to see Sucker Punch getting props. They're a great developer."
[11:20] Brian Leahy: "Here comes Evan Wells."
[11:20] Raymond Padilla: "Naughty Dog is getting some love too."
[11:20] Patrick Klepek:  "Jack is correct. I was playing inFamous last night. #e3"
[11:20] Sterling McGarvey:  "Sorry Jack, bags under my eyes come from scheduling #e3. Want to play inFamous, though."
[11:21] Brian Leahy:  "Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta beings TONIGHT at midnight!"
[11:21] Brian Leahy: "Time for a singleplayer demo, though."
[11:21] Raymond Padilla: "You guys going to play the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta tonight? Wish I could, but I have this E3 thing to worry about."
[11:22] Raymond Padilla: "G4tv.com's Sterling McGarvey is probably the biggest Uncharted fanboy evar."
[11:22] Brian Leahy: "Climbing buildings is the best new trend in gaming."
[11:22] Brian Leahy: "Very impressive draw distance."
[11:22] Sterling McGarvey:  "Yay, Uncharted 2 single player! #e3"
[11:22] Patrick Klepek:  "Uncharted 2, the game that's gunning with Splinter Cell Conviction for my favorite game so far #e3"
[11:22] Raymond Padilla:  "Zip lines are cool."
[11:22] Brian Leahy: "Animations look even better than the first game (is that even possible?)"
[11:22] Raymond Padilla: "Just gorgeous all around."
[11:23] Raymond Padilla: "The hot British accent is also nice on the ears."
[11:23] Brian Leahy: "Worst. Helicopter gunner. Ever."
[11:23] Brian Leahy: "Trees blowing around is a very nice touch."
[11:23] Raymond Padilla: "The gunner hates trees."
[11:23] Andrew Pfister:  "Uncharted 2 looks sweet. Curvy screen not so sweet. #e3"
[11:24] Raymond Padilla:  "It's like watching Leahy shoot. Oh crap, you're right next to me. NM."
[11:24] Sterling McGarvey:  "There's that traversal gunplay. Living up to my expectations so far. #e3 #uncharted2"
[11:25] Brian Leahy:  "Very good demo."
[11:25] Raymond Padilla: "I'm sorry, that was totally hawt!"
[11:25] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, best presser demo thus far?"
[11:26] Brian Leahy: "MAG time."
[11:26] Brian Leahy: "Live gameplay unveil for the public."
[11:26] Brian Leahy: "I really hope they get the pacing on this correct. I want SLOW paced, tactical battles."
[11:27] Raymond Padilla: "That's what she said."
[11:27] Brian Leahy: "Amazing loading screen with 256 names!"
[11:27] Brian Leahy: "Top-down command interface is a must!"
[11:28] Raymond Padilla: "Can we use it to kill Milo?"
[11:28] Brian Leahy: "Battlefield 2 vibe overwhelming (that is a GOOD thing)"
[11:28] Patrick Klepek:  "The theme of all thee major press conferences: show, don't tell. I like. #e3"
[11:29] Raymond Padilla:  "Ben Jones is the platoon leader."
[11:29] Brian Leahy: "I'm liking the pace of this."
[11:29] Raymond Padilla: "Meeeeeeeeeeee...and Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones."
[11:30] Brian Leahy: "A light of ring notification around the gun to show things going on around the player. Might be too much."
[11:30] Raymond Padilla: "Viewer pointed out "Mr. Jones and Me" would've worked too. Mrs. Jones is just a classic though."
[11:31] Brian Leahy: "Real world spawning is tight. Have to clear LZ's to allow helos to come in."
[11:31] Raymond Padilla: "I dunno.... Looks cool and it's way impressive to have 256 players, but I think I'd have more fun playing four-player Mario."
[11:31] Brian Leahy: "Playable on the floor."
[11:31] Brian Leahy: "That was MAG."
[11:32] Brian Leahy: "Releasing this Fall."
[11:32] Brian Leahy: "Over to the PSP already?"
[11:32] Raymond Padilla: "Curious...."
[11:32] Brian Leahy: "Time for the go "reveal""
[11:33] Raymond Padilla: "Skype, Internet radio, and now...Facebook (speculation)?!?"
[11:33] Brian Leahy: "PSP, Richer & Deeper than the DS."
[11:33] Raymond Padilla: "Crisis Core was awesome, btw. Everyone should know that."
[11:33] Brian Leahy: "Rock Band Unplugged and Dissidia bundles coming. Another bundle for Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines."
[11:33] Patrick Klepek:  "MAG demo seemed more about saying "hey, we can do 256 at once," rather than telling me why it's important to the game. #e3"
[11:33] Andrew Pfister:  "Key to MAG is how anon players co-ordinate. I'm skeptical. #e3"
[11:33] Sterling McGarvey:  "RT @Patrick Klepek: The theme of all thee major press conferences: show, don't tell. I like. #e3"
[11:33] Brian Leahy:  ""tween" alert."
[11:34] Brian Leahy: "Hannah Montana joke applause was awesome."
[11:34] Raymond Padilla: "Lilac PSP with Hannah Montanna! Leahy, get your pre-order in!"
[11:34] Brian Leahy: "Kaz Hirai, cooooome oooooon dooooown."
[11:34] Raymond Padilla: "Kaz Hirai is taking over."
[11:35] Raymond Padilla: "He can be REALLY dull. Hope he has more energy than usual today."
[11:35] Brian Leahy: "Strike the crab for massive damage?"
[11:35] Sterling McGarvey:  "AC PSP confirmed for 1 week b4 AC2. #e3"
[11:35] Andrew Pfister:  "Another conference theme is mock cheering for tween/casual software. #e3"
[11:36] Brian Leahy:  ""Officially" announce ;)"
[11:36] Raymond Padilla: "PSP go is for people that live a "more digital lifestyle"."
[11:36] Brian Leahy: "Very curious to hear how they are going to deal with all the UMD's I already own."
[11:36] Raymond Padilla: "The hardware is pretty slick...until you open it up."
[11:36] Brian Leahy: "PSP go = "Worst kept secret of E3""
[11:37] Brian Leahy: "Again, UMD PSP-3000 will continue to be sold and supported."
[11:37] Raymond Padilla: "The white one looks better, but black borders are better for video."
[11:37] Brian Leahy: "50% smaller & 40% lighter than original PSP."
[11:38] Sterling McGarvey:  "Kaz could only be on to show off PSP Go! #e3"
[11:38] Brian Leahy:  "M2 memory for expansion"
[11:38] Brian Leahy: "New PC application for accessing PlayStation Store on the computer = Media Go."
[11:39] Raymond Padilla: "Sense me?"
[11:39] Raymond Padilla: "Sense yourself!!!"
[11:39] Brian Leahy: "New app = twelve tone media analysis to analyze your music collection to create playlists for you."
[11:39] Sterling McGarvey:  "DnB beats to introduce PSP Go. 16GB mem, WiFi, Bluetooth, MemStick port, "Sense Me" music software, new Media Mgr software. #e3"
[11:39] Brian Leahy:  "Price drop on PSP toolkits for developers."
[11:40] Brian Leahy: "Eventually, an 80% reduction in price for the toolkit."
[11:40] Brian Leahy: "All titles distributed digitally on PSN Store and as UMDs?!"
[11:41] Brian Leahy: "Available in NA and Europe at $249 on October 1st."
[11:41] Brian Leahy: "November 1st in Japan"
[11:41] Poll: PSP go price?
Good deal!:  ( 19% )
Rip off!:  ( 35% )
Meh....:  ( 47% )
[11:42] Brian Leahy: "The Go is cool, but that is too expensive."
[11:42] Raymond Padilla: "That calls for a poll!"
[11:42] Brian Leahy: "Video service coming to the PSP as a native application."
[11:42] Brian Leahy: "G4 whatup!"
[11:42] Sterling McGarvey:  "Thank God I can download games from PS Store. PSP Go - $250 on 10/1. #e3"
[11:42] Raymond Padilla:  "This is now the best handheld ever. All Sessler, all the time."
[11:43] Brian Leahy: "More news!"
[11:43] Brian Leahy: "Polyphony! Gran Turismo tiiiiime!"
[11:43] Raymond Padilla: "Polyphony Digital's Kazanouri Yamauchi!!!"
[11:43] Raymond Padilla: "Prepare for translation!"
[11:44] Brian Leahy: "Gran Turismo PSP running on a PSP Go."
[11:44] Raymond Padilla: "Gran Turismo on the "go". Get it?!? Muahahahaha!!!"
[11:44] Brian Leahy: "Full scale GT at 60fps on PSP."
[11:44] Raymond Padilla: "Ohhhh, have another idea for a poll."
[11:44] Brian Leahy: "GT PSP = 800 cars, 35 tracks (60 variations)"
[11:45] Poll: What would you rather have?
PSP go:  ( 70% )
Zune HD:  ( 30% )
[11:45] Brian Leahy: "Get ready for GT PSP & GT5 connectivity."
[11:45] Raymond Padilla: "Connectivity goes against "physical reality". *snicker*"
[11:46] Brian Leahy: "Ad-hoc multiplayer for four players."
[11:46] Brian Leahy: "Car trading and sharing!"
[11:46] Brian Leahy: "Gotta catch 'em all!"
[11:47] Raymond Padilla: "Car Pokemon?"
[11:47] Raymond Padilla: "Honda, use sand attack!"
[11:47] Brian Leahy: "Don't think we'll be getting Infrastructure multiplayer from the sound of it... I hope I'm wrong."
[11:47] Sterling McGarvey:  "Not the biggest GT fan, but I'm happy to see this. Integration with GT5, plz. :) #e3"
[11:48] Raymond Padilla:  "Great job Honda! Return! Tesla Roadster, I choose you!!!"
[11:48] Brian Leahy: "Video time!"
[11:48] Brian Leahy: "He's sneaking off! No release date mentioned :("
[11:49] Raymond Padilla: "I'm thinking the PSP go is much beter looking from a distance and all touched up on video than in person."
[11:49] Brian Leahy: "Looks very good. Even though it's on a tiny screen on a large screen."
[11:50] Brian Leahy: "Said October 1, 2009, but was that just for the PSP go?"
[11:50] Raymond Padilla: "I've been to the Polyphony office. There are some sick, sick cars there."
[11:50] Brian Leahy: "Ah, day and date!"
[11:50] Brian Leahy: "KOJIMA!!!!!!"
[11:50] Raymond Padilla: "Kojima time?"
[11:51] Raymond Padilla: "The two-timing Hideo Kojima."
[11:51] Brian Leahy: "Snake for PSP!"
[11:51] Brian Leahy: "Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker"
[11:51] Raymond Padilla: "Peacewalkers, Snakeaters..."
[11:51] Andrew Pfister:  "Really hard to judge PSP games on the big screen, but GT appears to be, as the kids say, "hot." #e3"
[11:51] Raymond Padilla:  "'70s? Will there be disco?"
[11:52] Raymond Padilla: "10 years after MGS III."
[11:52] Brian Leahy: "Set 10 years after Metal Gear Solid 3 - 1970's. "True sequel of the Metal Gear franchise""
[11:52] Brian Leahy: "Kojima is deeply involved - writing the script and producing. MGS4 team will participate. Not a spin-off. Not a side-story."
[11:52] Raymond Padilla: "Does that mean the Xbox 360 MGS is getting the B-team?"
[11:53] Brian Leahy: "PSP elements will be added."
[11:53] Brian Leahy: "Trailer!!!!"
[11:53] Sterling McGarvey:  "What? What? New PSP MGS? #e3"
[11:53] Raymond Padilla:  "Poll time after the trailer!"
[11:54] Brian Leahy: "Outer Heaven!"
[11:54] Brian Leahy: "We're totally playing Big Boss' creation of Outer Heaven."
[11:56] Brian Leahy: "I see soooo many Snakes."
[11:56] Poll: What would you rather play?
Metal Gear Solid Xbox 360:  ( 49% )
Metal Gear Solid PSP:  ( 42% )
Metal Gear Solid Colorforms:  ( 9% )
[11:56] Raymond Padilla: "I am Solid Snake!"
[11:56] Raymond Padilla: "Box ftw."
[11:57] Brian Leahy: "2010 - Co-op box feature?"
[11:57] Brian Leahy: "Play it again, Sam?"
[11:57] Brian Leahy: "Note, Metal Gear Solid Rising may not be Xbox 360 exclusive."
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "'Tis true."
[11:58] Brian Leahy: "I just hope the controls are a bit better than Portable Ops."
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "Klepek reported it yesterday on G4tv.com"
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "Tretton is back."
[11:58] Brian Leahy: "One analog stick hurts :("
[11:58] Raymond Padilla: "Capcom time"
[11:58] Brian Leahy: "Resident Evil series talk."
[11:59] Brian Leahy: "Resident Evil on the PSP in 2010. New game."
[11:59] Raymond Padilla: "Resident Evil coming to PSP in 2010, I believe Jack said."
[11:59] Brian Leahy: "Cheer for the tween games!"
[11:59] Raymond Padilla: "Harry Potter on PSP. Btw, Snape kills Dumbledore. *snicker*"
[11:59] Brian Leahy: "PSP sizzle reel time."
[12:01] Raymond Padilla: "Sony's production is pretty slick. Wucha think Brian?"
[12:01] Brian Leahy: "Yay  Soulcalibur PSP."
[12:01] Brian Leahy: "Good so far, and I'm guessing we've got more to come when we get back to the PS3."
[12:02] Brian Leahy: "Unfortunately, load times still really hurt my PSP experience."
[12:02] Raymond Padilla: "Barbie horse game?"
[12:03] Patrick Klepek:  "Multiplayer Echochrome? #e3"
[12:03] Sterling McGarvey:  "Sizzle trailer reveals Echochrome sequel AND Fat Princess on PSP. #e3"
[12:03] Raymond Padilla:  "Barbie Horse Game vs. Titanic MMO: Fight!"
[12:03] Brian Leahy: "PSN time."
[12:04] Brian Leahy: "Can you help me out... I seem to have dropped all of these numbers."
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "ha!"
[12:04] Brian Leahy: "24 million PSN accounts, 11 million in North America."
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "Charts!!!"
[12:04] Brian Leahy: "Let's count the times he mentions "free""
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "Gimme a pie graph Jack. Lay it on me!"
[12:04] Patrick Klepek:  "I think @leighalexander may have died during that Metal Gear trailer #e3"
[12:04] Andrew Pfister:  "Very strong PSP showing. System rejuvenation incoming? #e3"
[12:04] Brian Leahy:  "50 PSX classics coming to PS Store this year. Final Fantasy VII available TODAY."
[12:04] Raymond Padilla: "Final Fantasy VII apologists go at it!"
[12:05] Brian Leahy: "Uh oh. Maybe I should sit this part out. Home time."
[12:05] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, check this out: FFVII was good, but very overrated."
[12:05] Brian Leahy: "6.5 million worldwide Home users. 85% return. "De-Facto standard" -- Not so much."
[12:06] Brian Leahy: "Content for inFAMOUS, Buzz, and SOCOM. Shouldn't these be available when the game launches?"
[12:06] Raymond Padilla: "Will Sony show a commercial that's actually meaningful?"
[12:07] Brian Leahy: "Man, I just don't get Home. Why do I want to go to a virtual movie theater to see a video instead of just downloading it from the store?"
[12:07] Patrick Klepek:  "For one second, I thought I heard Final Fantasy 7 remake. Heart skipped a beat #e3"
[12:07] Sterling McGarvey:  "FF7 in PS Store? I guess I know what the Mrs is DLing tonite. #e3"
[12:07] Patrick Klepek:  "Oh god that is a creepy looking Chun-Li :( #e3"
[12:07] Raymond Padilla:  "The commercial is cool and more informative than past PS3 commercials, but are mainstream consumers supposed to understand this?"
[12:08] Brian Leahy: "So, the new features for Home? None. Just new spaces."
[12:08] Raymond Padilla: "2009 is all about "cawn-tent"."
[12:09] Brian Leahy: "Back to the PS3. Sizzle Reel time. Keep your eyes open for new games."
[12:09] Raymond Padilla: "zip lines!!!"
[12:09] Raymond Padilla: "FFXIII looks better on PS3."
[12:09] Andrew Pfister:  "Nope. Home still not for me. Thanks, though. (trailer gets polite applause) #e3"
[12:10] Raymond Padilla:  "Mafia II sleeper hit of 2009?"
[12:11] Brian Leahy: "Mostly multiplatform games so far."
[12:11] Brian Leahy: "There's Heavy Rain!"
[12:12] Raymond Padilla: "Singstar: Queen will rule."
[12:12] Sterling McGarvey:  "More sizzle reveals new Buzz PS3. I look fwd to smiting you all online. #e3"
[12:13] Raymond Padilla:  "DC Universe Online: Return of the Blue Beetle"
[12:13] Raymond Padilla: "I'm checking out Bioshock 2 later today, boys and girls. Stay tuned!"
[12:14] Brian Leahy: "Rockstar!"
[12:14] Raymond Padilla: "Rockstar is kicking off a new property on PS3"
[12:14] Brian Leahy: "Exclusive PS3 title - Agent"
[12:14] Brian Leahy: "Espionage and Assassin game in the late 1970's."
[12:15] Raymond Padilla: ""Secret, agent man! Secret, agent man!!!""
[12:15] Brian Leahy: "Oh, here's our AC2 demo."
[12:15] Andrew Pfister:  "Weird that BioShock 2 isn't getting much attention at either conference. #e3"
[12:15] Sterling McGarvey:  "Rockstar has new PS3 exclusive, Agent. Spy game in late 70s. #e3"
[12:15] Raymond Padilla:  "Yeah, because Ubi didn't have enough time yesterday. Wish they used this yesterday instead of James Cameron talking about 1,000-foot trees."
[12:16] Brian Leahy: "Sitting on a bench and talking to bums makes a return! Oh, stabby!"
[12:17] Sterling McGarvey:  "Rockstar has new PS3 exclusive, Agent. Spy game in late 70s. AC2 demo looks awesome. #e3"
[12:17] Brian Leahy:  "Oh, nice. You don't start off as an assassin. No more "losing your powers" crap."
[12:17] Raymond Padilla: "Leonardo's flying machine. That's pretty cute."
[12:17] Brian Leahy: "Flying kick!"
[12:18] Raymond Padilla: "He said "elp", btw, not "help"."
[12:18] Brian Leahy: "Do a barrel roll!"
[12:18] Brian Leahy: "Let's hope combat is improved. Show us new combat!"
[12:18] Raymond Padilla: "Dees game is...'ow you zay...pro-pry-terry!"
[12:19] Brian Leahy: "Double assassinate!!!"
[12:19] Brian Leahy: "Jumping into hay makes a return!"
[12:19] Raymond Padilla: "Peeps in the crowd are impressed."
[12:20] Brian Leahy: "Weapon unlocks if you play the PSP version."
[12:20] Raymond Padilla: "I'm curious about the PS3/PSP connectivity. Could be cool. Could be annoying."
[12:20] Brian Leahy: "Swimming!"
[12:21] Raymond Padilla: "Biggest applause of the presser thus far?"
[12:21] Patrick Klepek:  "Do I need to play the original Assassin's Creed now? #e3"
[12:21] Brian Leahy:  "Assassin's Creed 2 - Holiday release."
[12:22] Raymond Padilla: "FFXIII time!!!"
[12:22] Brian Leahy: "Cue up the vid."
[12:22] Brian Leahy: "English!"
[12:22] Raymond Padilla: "English voice acting in place."
[12:23] Raymond Padilla: "Hrmmm...voice acting is going to be hugely important for this game."
[12:23] Sterling McGarvey:  "So MS got SC, Sony gets AC2. Not a bad compromise, Ubi. #e3"
[12:23] Raymond Padilla:  "So far it's...okay."
[12:24] Brian Leahy: "I love this new combat engine."
[12:24] Raymond Padilla: "I'm ready to play now!!!"
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "I don't care if one dude has a condom on his head and another dude has Robert Downey's voice from Tropic Thunder."
[12:25] Brian Leahy: "There's your 2010 :("
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "Whoa!!!"
[12:25] Brian Leahy: "WHAAAAT?!"
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "FFXIV!!!"
[12:25] Raymond Padilla: "PS3 exclusive!!!"
[12:26] Brian Leahy: "PS3 exclusive.. in 2010?!"
[12:26] Raymond Padilla: "Please don't be an MMO."
[12:26] Brian Leahy: "What is happening!?"
[12:26] Raymond Padilla: "Eorzea is her name."
[12:26] Raymond Padilla: "I was scared it was going to be Eeyore."
[12:27] Raymond Padilla: "I want a chocobo."
[12:27] Brian Leahy: "Welp. MMO."
[12:27] Raymond Padilla: "Gameplay clip wasn't as impressive as the announcement."
[12:27] Brian Leahy: "Well, maybe not an MMO, but it's at least Online."
[12:27] Raymond Padilla: "I have friends that love FFXI, but I'm totally "meh" about it."
[12:28] Brian Leahy: "Motion controls?"
[12:28] Patrick Klepek:  "It's an MMO -- boo. :( #e3"
[12:28] Andrew Pfister:  "FF 14, I WILL PLAY YOU. #e3"
[12:28] Brian Leahy:  "Time to show me something more impressive than Natal."
[12:28] Raymond Padilla: ""Wherever you go, whatever you do....""
[12:28] Raymond Padilla: "Oh, not that Richard Marx."
[12:29] Raymond Padilla: "Looks like a sex toy."
[12:29] Brian Leahy: "Thank god that isn't the final design."
[12:29] Raymond Padilla: "Oh, it's a prototype."
[12:30] Brian Leahy: "Tech demo time."
[12:30] Raymond Padilla: "*yawn*"
[12:31] Raymond Padilla: "Move Anton. Move me!"
[12:31] Raymond Padilla: "I don't care about this. I don't care about Natal. But I suppose Sony and Microsoft are trying to get more of a mainstream crowd with these control schemes."
[12:32] Patrick Klepek:  "One step closer to Harry Potter #e3"
[12:32] Brian Leahy:  "This definitely has more fidelity than Natal, but this is not an impressive demo."
[12:33] Brian Leahy: "Natal is full-body, live mo-cap, though. Unless the PS Eye gets an upgrade too..."
[12:34] Poll: Do you care about motion controls on the PS3 or Xbox 360?
Gimme waggle!!!:  ( 45% )
Leave that stuff to the Wii!!!:  ( 55% )
[12:34] Patrick Klepek:  "This controller looks expensive #e3"
[12:34] Andrew Pfister:  "This is...hmm. Cool tech, odd demo?#e3"
[12:34] Andrew Pfister:  "This is the step between MotionPlus and Natal. #e3"
[12:35] Brian Leahy:  "Like I said, way more precise, but not as impressive."
[12:36] Raymond Padilla: "Impressive tech doesn't mean it's fun."
[12:36] Brian Leahy: "Really... you're console solution for RTS is a complex, camera-enabled wand system... and not a mouse?"
[12:37] Raymond Padilla: "To be fair, Kudo (the Natal) guy is a really dynamic speaker and he showed off the product well. Richard Marx is super smart and has a lovely singing voice, but his demo is dull."
[12:37] Brian Leahy: "They should have opened with this demonstration."
[12:38] Patrick Klepek:  "Tech demos are interesting, but where are the real games? Wii remains miles ahead of the competition. #e3"
[12:38] Raymond Padilla:  "Where's the rubber duck demo? Oh, that was Phil Harrison's schtick."
[12:39] Raymond Padilla: "Milo has better aim than Anton."
[12:39] Brian Leahy: "What worries me is using this for a full game. The Wiimote has a lot more buttons available for other inputs."
[12:39] Andrew Pfister:  "Archery and paint = technology. #e3"
[12:39] Sterling McGarvey:  "Dildo jokes will get old faster than Wii puns. Looks okay. I'm feeling "wait n see" about everyone's new tech. #e3"
[12:40] Brian Leahy:  "Spring 2010 for PS3 Motion Control."
[12:40] Raymond Padilla: "Spring 2010 for PlayStation Sex Toy"
[12:40] Brian Leahy: "900,000 levels created for LBP."
[12:41] Brian Leahy: "LittleBigPlanet PSP and... Disney costumes?"
[12:41] Raymond Padilla: "Billy Ho!"
[12:42] Brian Leahy: "ModNation Racers - new Play. Create. Share. game."
[12:42] Raymond Padilla: "(That was from White Men Can't Jump)"
[12:42] Raymond Padilla: "slideshow?"
[12:42] Brian Leahy: "JoyRide from Microsoft. ModNation Racers from Sony."
[12:42] Raymond Padilla: "This reminds me of E3 1999 when a Euro dev gave me a demo using concept art."
[12:42] Brian Leahy: "You heard it... put the PS3's power to use for a kart racer."
[12:43] Raymond Padilla: "I don't feel empowered."
[12:47] Raymond Padilla: "I think I need some Red Bull."
[12:48] Raymond Padilla: "Wrap it up boys. I have a Final Fantasy XIII demo to attend!"
[12:48] Brian Leahy: "Later Ray!"
[12:48] Brian Leahy: "This creation is pretty seamless.  "
[12:49] Sterling McGarvey:  "Can I throw stuff at opponents in ModNation Racers? DIY Mario Kart could be sweet. #e3"
[12:50] Raymond Padilla:  "Again, another example of impressive tech, but I don't know how fun this all is."
[12:50] Raymond Padilla: "It could very well be outstandingly entertaining, but it's tough to show that in a presser."
[12:51] Raymond Padilla: "Later Billy Ho!"
[12:51] Brian Leahy: "Sneak peak time."
[12:51] Raymond Padilla: "ohhhhhh"
[12:51] Brian Leahy: "TRIIIIICO!"
[12:51] Brian Leahy: "Real title: The Last Guardian."
[12:51] Raymond Padilla: "I want it!"
[12:52] Raymond Padilla: "Haven't I seen this before?"
[12:52] Sterling McGarvey:  "The Last Guardian. Team ICO's latest. :) #e3"
[12:52] Raymond Padilla:  "The Last Dragon, The Last Starfighter...I smell success for The Last Guardian."
[12:53] Raymond Padilla: "The Last Unicorn...wait..NM."
[12:53] Raymond Padilla: "The art is brilliant...so is the luck dragon."
[12:54] Raymond Padilla: "Barrels are yummy."
[12:55] Brian Leahy: "So far, looks like the leaked footage with the real title instead of Trico."
[12:55] Brian Leahy: "Guessing this is entirely in-game."
[12:56] Raymond Padilla: "It's beautiful. I'm talking like Zoolander's Magnum beautiful."
[12:56] Brian Leahy: "GT5 time."
[12:56] Brian Leahy: "Please give us a release date!"
[12:57] Raymond Padilla: "The Last Guardian looks like one of those games that will make you "feel". Ico was fantastic at bringing out emotion through graphics and color."
[12:57] Brian Leahy: "NASCAR license."
[12:58] Poll: What racing game impressed you more?
Gran Turismo 5:  ( 69% )
Forza 3:  ( 31% )
[12:58] Brian Leahy: "God of War III time."
[12:59] Brian Leahy: "First few minutes demo!"
[12:59] Raymond Padilla: "Blue Man Group?"
[1:01] Brian Leahy: "Those are some conveniently low-flying harpies."
[1:01] Raymond Padilla: "Harpy boobs. ewwwwww"
[1:03] Raymond Padilla: "I rather play Dante's Inferno...just kidding. smiley-smile.gif ¨"
[1:03] Brian Leahy: "There's your "zipper" system."
[1:04] Raymond Padilla: "Sony's two hours are much more enjoyable than Ubisoft's two hours."
[1:05] Brian Leahy: "This is the Chimera. It has three "forms" as you disable it's different animal representations. Each one has a different fighting style and weakness."
[1:06] Brian Leahy: "Demo live on the show floor with another 20 minutes of gameplay. Release date: March 2010."
[1:06] Poll: After two hours, what do you think of Sony's presser?
Better than MS and Nintendo:  ( 76% )
Worse than MS and Nintendo:  ( 17% )
Better than MS, worse than Nintendo:  ( 4% )
Worse than Nintendo, better than MS:  ( 4% )
[1:06] Raymond Padilla: "Oops. Goofed one of the poll answers."
[1:06] Brian Leahy: "Your last two options are the same :P"
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Looks like it's over!"
[1:07] Raymond Padilla: "Heavy Rain?"
[1:07] Raymond Padilla: "Meh."
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Good presentation, but a few missing games."
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Luckily, we'll have tons of Heavy Rain coverage coming up."
[1:07] Raymond Padilla: "I'm writing up a press conference report card later tonight!"
[1:07] Brian Leahy: "Raymond and I have to get on to our appointments."
[1:08] Brian Leahy: "Hope you enjoyed the coverage."
[1:08] Raymond Padilla: "And don't forget to check out our very own live show on G4tv.com"
[] Poll: 6PM PST!!!
[1:08] Raymond Padilla: "Milo 4 life!!!"
[1:08] Brian Leahy: "We'll be live-blogging tonight's live show on G4tv.com You'll be able to ask questions."
[1:08] Andrew Pfister:  "Wow. God of War 3. The titan looked amazing, even if it's colossus mk. II. #e3"
[1:08] Brian Leahy:  "Also, tomorrow. We'll be blogging Square-Enix and Konami's press conferences.  "
[1:09] Brian Leahy: "Enjoy E3 everyone!"
[1:09] Brian Leahy: "Sony Post-show coverage is on TV on G4. http://www.g4tv.com/channel to find your channel on your cable provider."

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  • lalusis

    MAG is gonna be tight

    Posted: September 9, 2009 3:48 PM
  • PS3JHD

    i hope the price drops for my bday in two mouths so i could buy it

    Posted: July 18, 2009 9:21 PM
  • BlindSeeker


    Posted: June 26, 2009 2:51 PM
  • SereneSNIPER

    Ha ha... we got a hater in the building. I don't think someone was watching the Press Conference.

    Posted: June 5, 2009 12:28 PM
  • juiceman23

    Cool new look, but honestly why is it not streaming all the way?.. it starts of good then u see a glitch in the video every few minutes! WTF, U guys need to get off ur asses n fix this glitch pronto ppl!!

    Posted: June 5, 2009 11:12 AM
  • samsclub8247


    Posted: June 4, 2009 9:23 PM
  • samsclub8247

    Why is everyone forgetting ....motion capture this motion that nintendo wii motion capture . xbox motion capture .. Now people think ps3 is new to this ... WHY IS EVRYONE FORGETTING the EYE toy on PS2 . I SILL HAVE MINE I PLAYED IT TODAY........ps2 without the eye toy on ps2 nintendo would not have thiers or the xbox . dont think this is new for ps3 at e3 BECOUSE IT IS NOT nintendo need to be thanking ps2 for the right to STEAL thier technogology.................. ...... just to brag my ps3 can still ps1 and ps2 games

    Posted: June 4, 2009 9:21 PM
  • roscobot

    It's easy for me to say that Sony had the best conference. I own a PS3. Always been a Sony guy console wise. So it's biased, and I also have not watched MS or Nintendo's conferences. But from what I've heard of those two, I can still say I honestly feel Sony won out. They first and foremost use the system for it's main purpose: Gaming. But beyond that, they look at all other media and not only do they offer access to a wide variety of it, they integrate it all together in a seamless fasion.

    There are many great games coming out and the new PSP is very cool indeed. I've never had much reason to own one, until now. Come on October! They really have done a fantastic job. I kept telling all of the naysayers to give the system time to come into it's own. I can say it's taking longer than I thought it might, but it's still happening. Sony always looks at the big picture. They are willing to be patient, and I like that.

    Good job Sony.

    Posted: June 4, 2009 8:55 PM
  • Ps3nation

    Wow Sony is really giving the boot to MS showing microsoft you can't bring down the big dog! Have fun MS users with your RROD and I will have fun actually playing all of these amazing exclusives on my PS3 and PSP Go!

    Posted: June 4, 2009 7:39 PM
  • g4sucksnuts

    nice job sony
    cant wait for the rest of the year :)

    Posted: June 3, 2009 7:08 PM
  • Blazerx9x

    i`m just glad that I can buy G4 shows on my PS3

    Posted: June 3, 2009 5:18 PM

    ....it worked fine for me, there was no problems with the video

    Posted: June 3, 2009 5:10 PM
  • sillykid4545

    y pay to download contena for psp when u can hack go to pspslimhacks.com and get chickHENr2

    Posted: June 3, 2009 4:48 PM
  • Darkzero69

    I thank thay did it Good Job and BTW Sony had motion way before Nintendo it was Called Eye Toy for the ps2 it was not as advance but it was there so I thank Nintendo is the doing the Ripping off and and M$ well thay just Rip every one off with let see the SingStar Rip off and Buzz Rip off and not the PS Eye Rip off thay can't do there own
    Stuff O well Go Sony

    Posted: June 3, 2009 3:03 PM
  • echo710

    Sony truly dominated E3 this year. Makes me glad I bought a PS3 last year. That new motion controller, PSP GO, MAG, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Modnation Racing, whoooo! Christmas is going to be great this year.

    Posted: June 3, 2009 11:57 AM

    Anyone who's saying bad thing about sony's E3 press conference is just being jalous, a jerk, and immature (to stay polite). It's obvious that this year, SONY kicked Microsoft and Nintendo asses. Ok, Sony did rip off Nintendo's motion plus, but they are doing it way better, with a better and more accurate technologie. Isnt it what compatition is all about??
    And it's not all, the PSP Go look fantastic! With all the feature it has (not to mention the upgraded design), that mother f..... gonna kick ass!!!
    At last, but definitively not the least, Sony has reavealed more and honestly way better games than Microsoft or Nintendo. And yes, they are having even more excluvive games... lol . Please, Xbox fanboys, it's not because you are having a metal gear game coming on your console that it means you are winning against Sony. For you information, that Metal gear game is a MGS4 spinoff to complete it's story line. It's not a major Metal Gear game, it's just somthing so that you Xbox fanboy will not feel bad. AND, all MGS4 owners can download it for free!!!

    Posted: June 3, 2009 9:58 AM
  • paulbvarela

    guys calm down. i know its not working and im not dogging on g4, but IGN.com has all of the press Conference s and the sony one was AMAZING i loved every moment of it. and that motion controller was great. i want one

    Posted: June 3, 2009 7:52 AM
  • koolboricua

    darn i hate this G4 beta it sux big time, it just not workin well, y didnt they just kept the old style it was better and easier this is crap

    Posted: June 3, 2009 6:01 AM
  • micrapple

    Oh snap that motion controller is awesome. Far better than that of the Wii.

    Posted: June 3, 2009 3:30 AM
  • nvserg


    you just took all the words out of my mounth. but God of war did look cool, it kinda took the Gears rout with chuppin up and stuff!!!!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 11:34 PM