Ubisoft E3 2009 Press Conference

Posted: June 2, 2009
Ubisoft E3 2009 Press Conference
Watch the complete Ubisoft press conference from E3 2009 where they reveal their collaboration with James Cameron and new titles like No More Heroes 2, Red Steel 2, Rabbids Go Home and show off the new trailer for Assassin's Creed 2.
Ubisoft E3 2009 Live Blog

Ubisoft E3 2009 Live Blog

By Brian Leahy - Posted Jul 09, 2009
[4:37] Brian Leahy: "We're getting ready for Ubisoft and I'm ready to see some Assassin's Creed 2!"
[4:38] Raymond Padilla: "Bonjour mes aimes!!!"
[4:39] Raymond Padilla: "Je m'appelle Raymond. Je suis awesome."
[4:40] Brian Leahy: "Ubisoft is a French company and therefore, Raymond will be live blogging the entire thing in French."
[4:41] Brian Leahy: "Ray won't actually be doing the whole thing in French, but I kind of want him to."
[4:42] Raymond Padilla: "Je vais a la plage."
[4:43] Raymond Padilla: "Poll time!"
[4:43] Poll: What Ubisoft titles are you hoping for at its E3 2009 presser?
Assassin's Creed 2:  ( 61% )
Rabbids Go Home:  ( 3% )
Beyond Good & Evil 2:  ( 17% )
My Swahili Coach:  ( 3% )
Splinter Cell: ConViction:  ( 16% )
[4:43] Brian Leahy: "That is clearly a multiple choice poll where you can only choose one."
[4:44] Brian Leahy: "I'm hoping for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 3. Also, it'd be great if it was another parallel story during the events of Vegas 1."
[4:45] Patrick Klepeck:  "No joke -- I almost shoulder checked Hideo Kojima at the Ubisoft press conference a second ago. #e3"
[4:46] Raymond Padilla: "I'm hoping for BG&E. The first one didn't sell as well as it should have. It was a unique and underappreciated game."
[4:47] Raymond Padilla: "Ah, someone mentioned No More Heroes 2. Almost forgot about that one."
[4:47] Brian Leahy: "I really want to see more on SC: Conviction. That gameplay demo at the Microsoft press conference was super awesome-sauce."
[4:48] Brian Leahy: "I really hope I like Assassin's Creed 2. I need gameplay improvements. I thought the world of AC was incredible, but the combat was boring to me."
[4:49] Raymond Padilla: "Really? It seemed a little cheesy to me (ConViction) -- almost like it was trying to be a certain TV show and...not quite pulling it off."
[4:49] Brian Leahy: "For those just joining us, Ubisoft should kick off in around 12 minutes. We won't be publishing comments as we get thousands of them and you wouldn't be able to follow along. We read them, though."
[4:49] Patrick Klepeck:  "Should Ubisoft reallu be editing their press conference script (in real time!) in front of the press? #e3"
[4:49] Raymond Padilla:  "My friend from Heavy Iron asked me if I've ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like. The answer: no."
[4:50] Brian Leahy: "Conviction looks great. I'm all for interactive environment torture."
[4:52] Patrick Klepeck:  "No, I did not mean to almost take out Kojima. ;) Didn't even realize it was him till I saw the glasses. #e3"
[4:52] Brian Leahy:  "Raymond, what about Ubisoft's casual line of games for girls... will they give it more time than EA gave their girl games?"
[4:52] Raymond Padilla: "Great. While Brian and I are live blogging, Klepek is tackling one of the world's most creative developers."
[4:53] Raymond Padilla: "How can ANY publisher compete Littlest Pet Shop and Charm Girls Club?"
[4:53] Brian Leahy: "What about the hair teasing minigame?!"
[4:53] Raymond Padilla: "I'm pretty sure editorial director Billy Berghammer will be all over that one."
[4:54] Brian Leahy: "Should be starting up in 5 minutes or so."
[4:55] Brian Leahy: "Joel McHale is hosting this, yes."
[4:55] Brian Leahy: "He is awesome."
[4:55] Raymond Padilla: "Pro-pry-terry: how French developers pronounce proprietary."
[4:56] Brian Leahy: "Inno-vitiv new products?"
[4:57] Raymond Padilla: "Tres bon, monsieur Leahy."
[4:59] Raymond Padilla: "I'm still surprised that Ubi is having its own press conference. Is its catalog that big and impressive (especially in this economy)?"
[5:01] Raymond Padilla: "People went nuts for TMNT in the video package. Not so nuts for Shaun White 2."
[5:01] Brian Leahy: "Here we go!"
[5:03] Raymond Padilla: "E!'s very own Joel McHale is warming up the crowd."
[5:03] Raymond Padilla: "He says his his gamertag is "SeacrestKiller_311"."
[5:03] Raymond Padilla: "He regrets having kids, because they take away from his gaming time."
[5:04] Raymond Padilla: "Wow. It looks like it'll be three press conferences in a row without pie charts, graphs, and sales figures. I don't recall another E3 where that was the case."
[5:06] Raymond Padilla: "Monsiuer Yves Guillemot, CEO, is talking to the crowd. Pie charts to follow?"
[5:08] Raymond Padilla: "I'm only understanding about 60% of what Guillemot is saying. Sorry."
[5:09] Raymond Padilla: "Eeen-ter-ac-tif."
[5:09] Raymond Padilla: "U-Play will be on Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, and Avatar."
[5:09] Raymond Padilla: "It's kind of like a guide within the game."
[5:12] Raymond Padilla: "Ubisoft is working with Peter Jackson (again) and Steven Spielberg."
[5:12] Raymond Padilla: "Red Steel 2 will take advantage of Wii MotionPlus."
[5:13] Brian Leahy: "Sorry, ya'll. Internet dropped out, but I'm back."
[5:13] Raymond Padilla: "Internet dropped out = limited bladder capacity"
[5:13] Brian Leahy: "I multitask."
[5:14] Brian Leahy: "Oh, finally. A game."
[5:14] Raymond Padilla: "Ubi Montreal's Yannis Mallat is much easier to understand."
[5:14] Brian Leahy: "Hype it even more!"
[5:15] Raymond Padilla: "Yannis is pretty cool. I like him and the Montreal studio."
[5:15] Brian Leahy: "Come on, man. Throw up a chart! You know you want to."
[5:16] Poll: How much of Monsieur Guillemot did you understand?
0%:  ( 15% )
20%:  ( 20% )
40%:  ( 18% )
60%:  ( 14% )
80%:  ( 18% )
100%:  ( 15% )
[5:16] Raymond Padilla: "Here's a poll instead."
[5:17] Brian Leahy: "ETA until gameplay shown..."
[5:17] Brian Leahy: "James Cameron's Avatar better be an easy 1000 Gamer Points."
[5:18] Brian Leahy: "Short Films based on Assassin's Creed 2 this Fall."
[5:18] Raymond Padilla: "Ubi sure is going a long-ass time without showing video clips. Don't they understand the attention span of its audience?"
[5:19] Brian Leahy: "So to recap. Dude just spoke for 10 minutes about Assassin's Creed 2 short films and Avatar."
[5:19] Raymond Padilla: "And les books and les musique."
[5:20] Brian Leahy: "James Cameron time."
[5:20] Raymond Padilla: "Ah James Cameron! I can understand him fully!!!"
[5:20] Brian Leahy: "EA = Spielberg. Ubi = Cameron."
[5:20] Brian Leahy: "James, you're awesome, but let's get some video up on that big screen."
[5:21] Raymond Padilla: "Excuse me, I'm going to go find a pillow...or an espresso."
[5:21] Brian Leahy: "For those that are very confused, this has nothing to do with the Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender."
[5:22] Raymond Padilla: "Pandora, Avatar's setting, has 1,000-foot trees. Get excited now."
[5:22] Brian Leahy: "Ubisoft better have 45 minutes straight of gameplay videos queued up."
[5:22] Raymond Padilla: "It has 10-foot tall blue people. You know you want this game."
[5:23] Brian Leahy: ""And now, to make up for boring you guys for 30 minutes, here's the first 20 minutes of Assassin's Creed 2..." -- A boy can dream."
[5:24] Brian Leahy: "Everyone paying attention to the Avatar details. These will be on the final exam."
[5:24] Raymond Padilla: "This whole thing sounds ridiculous. What kind of drugs do you think Cameron was taking when he wrote this 14 years ago?"
[5:25] Raymond Padilla: "Gunship, anti-Smurfs, and big trees. Wow."
[5:25] Brian Leahy: "Is this actually happening?"
[5:25] Brian Leahy: "Like, this isn't just a big joke by Ubisoft, "Haha, silly Americans, here's the gameplay.""
[5:25] Raymond Padilla: "Wow. I didn't think I could like a Cameron movie less than   Titanic."
[5:26] Brian Leahy: "For those keeping track: he's still up there."
[5:26] Raymond Padilla: "Someone suggest a Titanic MMO. I'm already more interested in that game."
[5:27] Poll: Will James Cameron's presentation be longer than the actual movie.
Yes:  ( 82% )
Yes:  ( 18% )
[5:27] Raymond Padilla: "To be fair, this game could end up being super cool. Cameron is just sucking the air out of the auditorium talking about it."
[5:28] Patrick Klepeck:  "James Cameron :bow #e3 http://twitpic.com/6foky"
[5:28] Raymond Padilla:  "Then again, from what I've seen so far. Avatar is a text adventure."
[5:29] Brian Leahy: "In the time it takes to explain this movie, Duke Nukem Forever has been restarted and actually released to retail."
[5:30] Raymond Padilla: "I think I'll go get a drink. I'm pretty sure Cameron will still be yapping away about his 10-foot tall blue people when I get back."
[5:30] Brian Leahy: "I think part of the contract to get the rights to do the game based on the movie, James Cameron demanded an hour of stage time at E3."
[5:31] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, you think Cameron is getting paid by the word?"
[5:31] Brian Leahy: "Well, I know which press conference will be voted as the worst one of E3 2009...."
[5:32] Raymond Padilla: "The lights in the theater sure are pretty...*yawn*...*stretch*"
[5:32] Patrick Klepeck:  "I have no problem if James Cameron talked for the next hour. Screw off, haters! #e3"
[5:33] Brian Leahy:  "Wait, there's a game?!"
[5:33] Raymond Padilla: "Wow, TheFeed's Patrick Klepek is totally into Cameron's commencement address. Who says young people lack attention spans?"
[5:33] Raymond Padilla: "He's done!!! Praise be to Odin!!!"
[5:34] Brian Leahy: "Ray would play a Lohan game."
[5:35] Raymond Padilla: "Leahy has a Hannah Montana lunch box."
[5:35] Brian Leahy: "Maybe they had a tech problem and the video died...?"
[5:35] Brian Leahy: "OMG VIDEO!"
[5:35] Raymond Padilla: "Wow. Gameplay clips. What a novel idea."
[5:36] Raymond Padilla: "It looks like David Beckham is playing the game."
[5:36] Brian Leahy: "Fact: It is impossible to make a Wii trailer without also showing someone playing the game."
[5:37] Raymond Padilla: "Red Steel 2 is my favorite game ever (right now), simply because it's not James Cameron talking about Avatar."
[5:38] Brian Leahy: "You're on the clock, Jason."
[5:38] Brian Leahy: "Keep it short."
[5:38] Raymond Padilla: "Jason Vandenberghe, creative director, looks kind of like Mick Foley."
[5:38] Brian Leahy: "Live gameplay demo!"
[5:39] Brian Leahy: "If you're just joining us... you're lucky."
[5:39] Raymond Padilla: "No doubt."
[5:39] Patrick Klepeck:  "So many journalists with so much ADD. Bring back Cameron! #e3"
[5:39] Robt:  "Everytime i see an in-game motorcycle i wonder why the hell they haven't re-made Road Rash."
[5:40] Raymond Padilla: "The crowd seems totally dead (aside from Klepek). I wonder if Cameron's speech killed the vibe for the rest of the presser."
[5:41] Raymond Padilla: "Someone needs to make a Highlander game using Wii MotionPlus. There can be only one!!!"
[5:41] Brian Leahy: "This is the year of swords in Wii games."
[5:42] Raymond Padilla: "The sword in Red Steel 2 is mapped one to one, using Wii MotionPlus. This should make for more precise controls."
[5:42] Brian Leahy: "Reminds me of Zeno Clash (indie cred)."
[5:43] Raymond Padilla: "I still don't understand the concept of using a sword and a gun. Katanas are cool, but plugging someone with a .45 is much easier."
[5:44] Raymond Padilla: "Back to the game though, the action is stylish and the sword play looks fun...but that's just from watchign someone else play. Definitely want to get my hands on this one to see if it's as fun as it looks."
[5:44] Patrick Klepeck:  "Red Steel 2 looks great, but where's the blood? #e3"
[5:44] Brian Leahy:  "After Microsoft's press conference, I just find myself wondering how games like Red Steel 2 would work using Project Natal."
[5:44] Raymond Padilla: "Kind of reminds me of my thoughts on Project Natal. The tech is impressive, but that doesn't mean it's fun. Red Steel 2 looks like fun, despite its relatively primitive tech."
[5:45] Brian Leahy: "Graphic novel approach = dealing with the Wii's graphical limitations."
[5:45] Raymond Padilla: "Brian, I just had a daymare that James Cameron was talking nonsense for half an hour. So glad I woke up."
[5:45] Brian Leahy: "Red Steel 2 will be bundled with Wii MotionPlus when the game ships."
[5:46] Raymond Padilla: "A lot of people at G4 dig Shaun White...for Wii. Much better than the other versions."
[5:46] Brian Leahy: "Two videos in a row."
[5:47] Brian Leahy: "I hope it's cel-shaded."
[5:47] Raymond Padilla: "Three, isn't it?"
[5:47] Raymond Padilla: "Two games though."
[5:47] Brian Leahy: "Well, yeah, two Red Steel videos."
[5:47] Brian Leahy: "Once again proving my point... you can't make a Wii trailer without some real-life, out-of-game component."
[5:48] Raymond Padilla: "I've always wondered is Shaun White was Carrot Top's more athletic brother."
[5:49] Brian Leahy: "Yep, here comes Pele."
[5:49] Raymond Padilla: "Sweet, it's Pele, the legendary football player."
[5:50] Raymond Padilla: "Anyone ever see that movie Victory with Pele and Sylvester Stallone? It ruled!"
[5:50] Raymond Padilla: "Pele is talking about Academy of Champions."
[5:50] Brian Leahy: "You know, I'm not really big on "stylized" sports games."
[5:50] Patrick Klepeck:  "I don't know anything about soccer :( #e3"
[5:51] Raymond Padilla:  "Pele is trying to be the new James Cameron."
[5:52] Raymond Padilla: "Pele's football game will also feature 10-foot tall blue people and 1,000-foot trees."
[5:53] Raymond Padilla: "Okay, I made that part up."
[5:54] Raymond Padilla: "I'm half surprised that Ubi didn't trot out Jade Raymond to giggle at the boys in the audience."
[5:54] Raymond Padilla: "One of our viewers said that Pele is speaking jive, a la Airplane! That cracked me up."
[5:55] Raymond Padilla: ""Oh stewardess, I speak jive.""
[5:56] Raymond Padilla: "Pele said he's always been a player for winning teams."
[5:56] Raymond Padilla: "When I saw him with the NY Cosmos, I remember them kind of sucking."
[5:56] Brian Leahy: "I've just been notified that the rest of James Cameron's speech is now available as DLC."
[5:56] Brian Leahy: "Soccer in Hogwarts?"
[5:57] Poll: Blog LVP (Least Valuable Player) thus far?
James Cameron:  ( 62% )
Pele:  ( 11% )
Ubisoft's AV team:  ( 27% )
[5:57] Raymond Padilla: "Football gang fight going on in Academy of Champions."
[5:57] Raymond Padilla: "Or is it quidditch?"
[5:58] Patrick Klepeck:  "Pele's game should be called Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Soccer Ball #e3"
[5:58] Raymond Padilla:  "Someone just screamed, "Expelliarmus!!!""
[5:59] Raymond Padilla: "Accio pillow!"
[5:59] Brian Leahy: "Pele is awesome, but man..."
[6:00] Brian Leahy: "Shake a Wiimote or something, man. I'm fading."
[6:00] Brian Leahy: "Whew. Here we go."
[6:01] Raymond Padilla: "Hopefully Ubi won bork the Splinter Cell: ConViction videos."
[6:01] Raymond Padilla: "Oh wait, creative directo Max Breland is just talking. Why doesn't he talk while gameplay is running?!? Everyone else is doing and it's more effective."
[6:01] Brian Leahy: "Oh, a trailer... didn't we already see a gameplay demo at Microsoft?"
[6:02] Raymond Padilla: "Playing Starship's "Sara"."
[6:03] Brian Leahy: "Same video as the one we saw at Microsoft. Wonder if we'll get the same gameplay demo."
[6:03] Brian Leahy: "Maybe they'll just describe the gameplay demo."
[6:03] Raymond Padilla: "So long James Cameron talk, brief Red Steel 2 demo, Pele talking while the AV borked, and a Splinter Cell video Microsoft played earlier today."
[6:04] Brian Leahy: "Demo time. Don't think it'll be different."
[6:05] Raymond Padilla: "Same clip as MS, right Brian?"
[6:05] Brian Leahy: "Yes,"
[6:06] Raymond Padilla: "Like I said in the beginning, I don't understanding why Ubi is having its own presser. So far, it's a huge waste of money."
[6:06] Raymond Padilla: "The company would have been better served showing its games at the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony pressers."
[6:08] Poll: Is Ubisoft using is press conference time effectively?
Yes:  ( 5% )
No:  ( 77% )
Too soon to tell:  ( 18% )
[6:10] Patrick Klepeck:  "Splinter Cell is any early contestant for game of E3. I have never played a Splinter Cell. #e3"
[6:12] Raymond Padilla:  "This game needs more Milo."
[6:13] Raymond Padilla: "Now I'm daydreaming about Milo getting hit by a 1,000-foot tree by a 10-foot blue person while James Cameron yaps away."
[6:14] Raymond Padilla: "Showing off a video to promote Ruse."
[6:15] Raymond Padilla: "The video makes it look like they're playing Battleship. I assure you that they're not."
[6:16] Raymond Padilla: "A lot of viewers are pointing out that Ubi has used this video before. I believe they're correct."
[6:16] Raymond Padilla: "It's onto casual games. My Coach stuff?"
[6:18] Raymond Padilla: "My good pal Tony Key, senior VP of marketing, is talking about sales stuff. The excitement continues."
[6:18] Raymond Padilla: "More charts!!! More sales figures!!! Do it!!!"
[6:19] Raymond Padilla: "Pokemon kicks Ubi's ass, according to Ubi's charts."
[6:20] Raymond Padilla: "See, all the mistakes...the use of charts and graphs...the whole thing reminds me of an E3 press conference from 2001."
[6:20] Raymond Padilla: "Tween Games 2.0 from Imagine games."
[6:21] Raymond Padilla: "Ubi is going big with inteconnectivity with its casual DS games. I know this was a big concern for most of you."
[6:21] Raymond Padilla: "Is hair styling the new trend in casual games? Really?!?"
[6:22] Raymond Padilla: "Tony Key is talking about the three I's."
[6:22] Raymond Padilla: "1) Integration 2) Interconnectivity"
[6:23] Raymond Padilla: "3) I really want to leave this press conference"
[6:23] Raymond Padilla: "One viewer mentioned that Ubi is showing people how not to run a press conference. I agree."
[6:25] Raymond Padilla: "Tony Key took a jab at EA Sports Active"
[6:25] Raymond Padilla: "Ubi is going to reveal how Ubi is going to use cameras in its games"
[6:26] Raymond Padilla: "Specifically, its fitness games"
[6:26] Raymond Padilla: "Tony Key tried to make a joke. It didn't work."
[6:27] Raymond Padilla: "Okay guys, I'll need your help with a poll so we can all make it through this."
[6:27] Poll: Who would you most like to have dinner with?
James Cameron:  ( 24% )
Pele:  ( 40% )
Tony Key:  ( 7% )
Brian Leahy:  ( 29% )
[6:28] Raymond Padilla: "Your Shape has a camera that scans your body."
[6:29] Raymond Padilla: "It checks your shape and gives you suggestions based on your goals and time."
[6:29] Raymond Padilla: "So gaming is making it so that you don't have to leave your console to work out or have friends (Milo)."
[6:31] Raymond Padilla: "Rabbids Go Home time."
[6:31] Raymond Padilla: "There are rabbids and shopping carts on stage."
[6:32] Raymond Padilla: "Producer Adrian Fernandez-Lacey is here to chat about the game."
[6:32] Raymond Padilla: "For this game, the rabbids are trying to get to the moon."
[6:33] Raymond Padilla: "The rabbids are looking for an ultimate weapon to build a pile of junk that will take them to the room. The key to all of this: shopping carts."
[6:34] Raymond Padilla: "As some of the viewers mentioned, this is another old trailer."
[6:36] Raymond Padilla: "The demo dude is torturing a rabbid in a room. It looks like fun."
[6:37] Raymond Padilla: "Now he's inflating the rabbid's eyeballs. Looks painful (but still fun)."
[6:39] Raymond Padilla: "I'm not sure this game deserves this much press conference time."
[6:40] Raymond Padilla: "Still, at least there are funny images on the screen. For a lot of people at the presser, it's more entertaining than watching James Cameron talk about 10-foot tall blue people."
[6:42] Raymond Padilla: "To everyone that's asking: I'm sure the presser was supposed to be over by now, but the AV glitches threw a wrench in Ubi's plans."
[6:42] Raymond Padilla: "Rabbids demo is over. Assassin's Creed 2 time?"
[6:43] Raymond Padilla: "Ubi North America president Laurent Detoc gets his shot at dazzling the crowd."
[6:44] Raymond Padilla: "Btw, Leahy had to go deal with some technical issue. I'm making him hold two wires together like in Back to the Future so that we have an Internet connection."
[6:45] Raymond Padilla: "The TMNT "shellabration" joke didn't work due to the French accent."
[6:46] Raymond Padilla: "Okay, I was a big fan of the Turtle's comics (the black and white ones). I'm down with the Turtles game."
[6:47] Raymond Padilla: "Laurent is down with No More Heroes 2."
[6:48] Raymond Padilla: "Bummed that there's no Suda 51 here."
[6:48] Raymond Padilla: "Tetsuya Mizaguchi is getting props from Laurent."
[6:49] Raymond Padilla: "Miz is working with Ubi. He's completely awesome."
[6:50] Raymond Padilla: "A lot of viewers are thrilled that it's Assassin's Creed 2 time."
[6:50] Raymond Padilla: "In France, it's known as Assassin's Creed Deux."
[6:51] Raymond Padilla: "Okay, a trailer!!!"
[6:51] Raymond Padilla: "1486, Venice, Italy"
[6:51] Patrick Klepeck:  "There is a secret last minute announcement at Ubisoft, according to the teleprompter that's in my eyesight #e3"
[6:52] Raymond Padilla:  "Loving the art style -- costumes are brilliant...though at the time I guess they were just clothes."
[6:52] Raymond Padilla: "Where the hell is Klepek that he can see the teleprompter."
[6:53] Raymond Padilla: "dude at a masquerade just got his throat slit by our lovely assassin"
[6:53] Raymond Padilla: "the assassin deftly makes his way out of the crowd and dispatches his attacker"
[6:53] Raymond Padilla: "dude can motor...impressive"
[6:53] Raymond Padilla: "the guards and their leader in the stupid mask can't find the assassin"
[6:54] Raymond Padilla: "he hops down to say hello"
[6:54] Raymond Padilla: "he pops him with a bullet"
[6:54] Raymond Padilla: "see this proves my whole point about mixing guns and swords"
[6:54] Raymond Padilla: "bullets are much more effective"
[6:55] Patrick Klepeck:  "Or not #e3"
[6:55] Raymond Padilla:  "The trailer was hot, but I don't know if it was worth listening to James Cameron for an hour."
[6:56] Raymond Padilla: "Don't forget ladies and gents, Nintendo and Sony are having their press conferences tomorrow."
[6:56] Raymond Padilla: "I promise you that both will be more entertaining than Ubi's presser."
[6:57] Raymond Padilla: "Please join us tomorrow at http://e3.g4tv.com/e32009/pressconferences/"
[6:57] Raymond Padilla: "Hope to see you tomorrow!!!"

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  • grayk47

    the assassins creed was the only thing i was interested in going in to see these people speak, but once i was there, and saw the thing for JAmes Camorens AVATAR, i am syked for the release of the movie and Splinter cell

    Posted: August 7, 2009 3:25 AM
  • pruthy

    Assassins Creed II was the only thing i was waiting for from ubisoft, splinter cell was a nice surprise though.

    Posted: June 6, 2009 5:24 PM
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    Joel's face at 54:13 is HILARIOUS!!!

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    Video works fine....

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  • premythous

    i miss the old xplay

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  • AnimeAngel818

    I only got an hour into it last night, so I missed AC 2! :(

    Posted: June 2, 2009 5:19 PM
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    Why dont any of the videos work

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    wtf G4???? why wont any vids work? i wanna see ubisoft!!!1

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    This video keeps messing up:( I am getting angry!

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    dont work after 10 min .

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  • SilencedMP5

    All I have to say is my birthday is November 8th... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Keep it up guys! Love the show and CANNOT wait until this gaming season. I am more excited than I have been in a long time with the prospect of the caliber of games locked and loaded for release this year and early next!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 1:43 PM