'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Trailer Presentation at E3 09

Posted: June 1, 2009
'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Trailer Presentation at E3 09
Revisit the Star Wars universe with this MMO game from Bioware at their E3 2009 Conference.
Star Wars: The Old Republic GamesCom 2009 Preview

Star Wars: The Old Republic GamesCom 2009 Preview

By Andrew Pfister - Posted Aug 19, 2009

Going hands-on with Star Wars: The Old Republic was one of my most-anticipated appointments at GamesCom, and I am pleased to report that I was not let down.

My MMO background: on-again, off-again, really off-again, on-again and finally off-again World of WarCraft player. Never a raider or serious PvP player, but enjoyed questing solo and picking up bits of lore here and there.

Today, we got to see the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler ranged classes in action on the planet Hutta, and we were introduced to a new playable melee class: the Sith Warrior.

Rangers first: Both the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler are equipped with blasters and various projectile-based explosive weapons (rockets and grenades) on a very quick cooldown. BioWare was quick to point out that they were capable of engaging multiple enemies at once without being overrun -- and that's apparently a big part of TOR's combat. Bounty Hunter also had sleep darts for crowd control, while the Smuggler had the ability to take cover and fight from relative comfort. A major goal was to make each class feel the way that Star Wars fans see them in their minds.


Which explains the all-out attacking power of the Sith Warrior. This is the part I actually got to play, but only after watching a BioWare controlled live demo. The point of it, I would come to learn, was to see both sides of the branching story in this early instanced mission. The Sith Warrior and his entourage have been sent to investigate why a ship's captain is ignoring orders from a Grand Moff to attack a larger Republic ship. Our sadistic demo group voted to kill the captain and transfer command to a more bendable officer, which meant that in my personal demo later in the day, I got to see what happened if we were nice and spared his life.

My Sith Warrior was around level 8 and was equipped with a standard red lightsaber. As we made our assualt on the Republic ship ("we" refers to myself and my AI Bounty Hunter partner), it was boarded by a battalion of Republic Vanguards, Soldiers, Infiltrators, and Jedi Padawans. It was easy to slice through the threat, using basic attacks, area-of-effect stuns, force chokes (must be channeled), and saber-impalement finishers. Even at this early stage and basic complement of attacks, combat was very fast and almost like a pure action game. Each class is going to have an out-of-combat heal, which keeps the pace moving quickly.

Addressing Knights Of The Old Republic fans’ concern (or is that disdain?) that we're getting an MMO instead of a new KOTOR, BioWare simply responds with the claim that The Old Republic is actually "KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all at once," which is just another incredibly bold claim to stack on the shoulders of this ambitious game. Whether or not they pull everything off remains to be seen -- this is an MMO, after all -- but after killing a Jedi Knight, looting his purple lightsaber and equipping it as my own so I'm duel-wielding, they've certainly put a good first foot forward. More details are to come, including an explanation of the "light side/dark side" system, PvP, game economy, and player organization (i.e. guilds).

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  • GenghisGamer


    Posted: June 3, 2009 4:12 PM
  • Joshua360


    Posted: June 3, 2009 11:35 AM
  • msgamer_6

    This will definitely be the best Star Wars game EVER! I have complete faith in Bioware since they make AWESOME RPG's and they are GODS of storytelling! They WILL NOT f it up!!!!!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 6:47 PM
  • AnimeAngel818

    OMG OMG OMG!! That is Freakin' Awesome! Can't wait to play that!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 5:17 PM
  • Steinke10

    This looks like it will be the BEST Star Wars game ever!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 4:14 PM
  • UrbanGameWarrior70

    That was the must sweetest star war game I every saw. Also Bioware keep up the great WORK!!!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 3:03 PM
  • faceoff34

    i hope that the would come out with it for the xbox 360 that would be great

    Posted: June 2, 2009 1:35 PM
  • 11nd3cent

    I think I had a jedigasm

    Posted: June 2, 2009 1:07 PM
  • nativebadguy

    Very impressive.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 11:43 AM
  • rwb304

    it would be nice if they actually showed some game footage. all of that looked like cut scenes.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 10:16 AM
  • tanker58p

    wow that was awesome but the begining was corny. Can't wait for this game to come out the whole trailer was awesome!!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 9:12 AM
  • Grimscooge

    This is it.. the mmo of mmos, a title that has been waiting seance star wars first started.. thank you for putting a soul into what could be the best mmo to date (as long as they don't F it up)..

    Posted: June 2, 2009 8:55 AM
  • Lucifer6972

    You know, my friends really liked this one, it is very nice. I ain't so good at MMO's for starters and let the friends just take over but we can all agree...that is beautiful.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 8:10 AM
  • fartbuster

    well it might not be a wow killer but they will have a battle between the two unless its not really online multiplayer like wow is but big star wars battles with real other ppl would be AWESOME like halo or somthing

    Posted: June 2, 2009 2:34 AM
  • _Darth_Donut_

    WOW!!!! Fanboygasm!!! Bioware and Lucas Arts you have done it again, I have officially canceled my Warcraft Account, bit ridiculous considering you guys haven't set a release date, But I have that much Faith in you guys. You Guys are well deserving of my $15 a month.

    Posted: June 2, 2009 2:26 AM
  • ShuyaNK

    O_O!! HOLY!! @#$%!!!!! Aion and SWTOR!! WoW Killers lol! This game looks AWESOME!!

    Posted: June 2, 2009 2:00 AM
  • clowkun

    freaking sweet! Bioware, keep up the freaking amazing work, so beautiful the realization of great story tied in with the best sci-fi action there is

    Posted: June 2, 2009 12:03 AM
  • EveryVillianIsLemons

    I think we can all agree that the WoW killer has finally arrived.

    Posted: June 1, 2009 11:33 PM