Concept Cars

Posted: May 7, 2009
Concept Cars

Gearheads, if you're anxious for a glimpse at the future of the automobile then you need look no further than today's Attack This. You'll see all of the astounding concept cars that might tear up the road in the world of tomorrow.

Transformable Spin Vehicle – This three-wheeled monster can be transformed into at least four different types of autos.

The Audi Shark – The style of Audi is combined with the tech of 'The Jetsons' in this futuristic hovercar.

The Phantom Corsair, 1938 – This modified version of the 1936 Cord Westchester Sedan features a robust and powerful V8 engine.

BMW Snug – At last, BMW has created a slick ride with a "4 seater interior which can be used as a living room."



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