Canon SD 1200 Digital Camera Review

Posted: May 5, 2009
Canon SD 1200 Digital Camera Review

Today, Kevin Pereira and Doug Benson review the $200 Canon SD 1200 digital camera and give their opinion on its features, such as face detection, a self-timer and its 2.5" screen.

What You Need to Know

  • It's almost exactly the same dimensions as its predecessor, the SD1100, but it's a little lighter
  • They didn't make the screen any larger at 2.5"
  • We don't mind the directional pad and buttons, but it might be time for a touch screen
  • They have the Smart-Auto setting, which picks what kind of scene you're shooting and adjust settings accordingly, but it ends up auto-focusing a lot and blurring pictures
  • They also have the face-detection self-timer, which waits for a face to enter frame and snaps a picture
  • It's definitely useful, but it might not handle a lot of faces well
  • Normal light pictures still look incredible; colors are vibrant and there's hardly any noise
  • These are, again, some of the best pictures we've seen from a point and shoot
  • Low light also looks great, but pictures blur easily in smart auto mode; some of the best image stabilization we've seen was in the SD1100, but this one just wasn't as solid


  • $200
  • The image quality alone makes this a worthwhile purchase

Overall Rating



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