Verizon Hub Review

Posted: April 15, 2009
Verizon Hub Review

The new Verizon Hub is revolutionizing the way people use their land lines at home with a fancy 7 inch touchscreen, VOIP connectivity, downloads widgets, and even syncs with Outlook, but do people really need all this with a land line? Hardwick's got the answer.

What You Need To Know

  • Very easy to use, perfect for a family that is not "plugged in" with tech
  • Touch screen is very responsive and has plenty of room at 7 inches
  • Interface is well-designed and the display looks great
  • It feels a little plasticy, but overall, the design is well-done
  • Widgets work beautifully and V-Cast media has tons of channels
  • You can import all of your Verizon contacts and call or text them from your land line
  • You can get real-time traffic updates, locate the fam using GPS, and use it as a digital photo frame
  • No internet browsing is a bummer and there could be more widgets
  • Call quality is great, and you can use the hub itself as a speaker phone
  • The biggest drawback is if you're relying onthis as your only phone and the internet goes down, it's almost completely useless.
  • Seems a tad pricey at $200 but if you're a Verizon customer, it could be very useful what with the snyching, plus the design is chic and well done.


  • $200 for the device and $35 a month for service

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