Canon 5D Mark II DSLR Review

Posted: March 23, 2009
Canon 5D Mark II DSLR Review

If you're looking for a serious SLR upgrade, you'll want to check out the new Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR with its 21.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, HD video capture, a 3" LCD, and 3.9 frames per second continuous shooting. It might be the mother of all SLRs.

What You Need to Know

  • Canon gave it a more weather-resistant body, which makes it weigh about 2 lbs.
  • The big body helps to space out all of the dedicated function buttons
  • To record video on it, first, you’ve got to go into the menu and find the right page to enable video mode
  • Then, tell it if you want full HD resolution or lower
  • Finally, press the "set" button to record
  • Overall, the manual will be your friend because you're not going to know how to use all of its features right out of the box
  • The video looks unbelievable; details are sharp and colors are vivid and it reminds us of the Canon HF11 video camera's quality
  • Live view mode is the best we've seen yet; there's no jittering or loss in resolution on the LCD
  • Continuous shooting is a little slower than we would have wanted at four frames a second
  • It has more manual controls than you'd ever need
  • Outdoor and normal light shots look fantastic; exposure, colors, and focus are superb, resulting in some of the best photos we've ever
  • Low light shots also looks great: there is some blur with a lot of movement, but there is very little grain even at high ISOs
  • 21 megapixels gives you a resolution of up to 5616 x 3744 pixels, which is flat out amazing


  • $3,200
  • It's worth every penny
  • Comparable cameras like the Nikon D700 are the same price, but have a much lower resolution


Overall Rating



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