iPod Shuffle Review

Posted: March 18, 2009
iPod Shuffle Review

Apple's newest iPod redesign makes the Shuffle the smallest music player in the world at 0.3" thick with controls mounted on the headphones and a voice feature that tells you what you're listening to. But is $79 the right price for 1,000 songs on 4 GB? We certainly hope so.

What You Need to Know

  • The device is 1.8' tall and 0.3' thin
  • This iPod is incredibly light
  • It is just plain amazing how small this is
  • It works well as an MP3 player for the gym or just walking around, but we're not sure how much you'd actually use it outside of that
  • Order to make it as small as possible, they've moved the controls to the earbuds
  • It has up and down volume buttons
  • It also has a center button that you press once to play or pause, twice to go forward, and three times to go back
  • They're so close to your ear that you're constantly trying to find the buttons, especially while you're jogging or doing something active, not to mention, if you lose these earbuds, you can't control your shuffle and replacements are $30
  • Apple is waging a war on buttons, but we just don't think they took this in the right direction
  • By holding down the center button, the shuffle now tells you what song you're listening to and it is actually, just kinda lame
  • It tells you title and artist in fourteen different languages, and doesn't do it automatically, which is good
  • Overall, it feels more complicated than it should, and we just don't see the appeal of the features they've added


  • $79 for 4GB
  • It's not worth the price tag

Overall Rating



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