Amazon Kindle 2 Review

Posted: February 27, 2009
Amazon Kindle 2 Review

Chris Hardwick's got a thing or two to say about the new edition of the Amazon Kindle and with more titles, functionality, and durability, we're thinking those things will be mostly good. Let's watch!

What You Need To Know

  • Now half as thick at just 0.35 inches
  • Buying books is still pretty easy to do from the main menu
  • The joystick used for navigation is a little annoying
  • Books usually download in about a minute
  • Network connections are fast and reliable whether its 3G or 1X
  • Still supports other document formats like Word doc.s and .pdfs
  • The page turn flash is still irritating, but its faster now, at least
  • New extras like playing mp3s, text-to-speech, web browsing are worthwhile additions
  • Too pricey. $360 for the device and around $8-$10 for each book is too much 


  • $360

Overall Rating



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