Rich Bastard Stuff

Posted: February 25, 2009
Rich Bastard Stuff

So, you've got billions of dollars you're sitting on, but when the time comes to make some purchases, Olivia would like to encourage you to grab some rich bastard toys like a bust of your own head or maybe a King Ghidorah sculpture is more your style.

King Ghidorah – This is an 8.5 foot tall statue of the 3-headed nemesis from an alien planet that flew and breathed lightning and battled Godzilla. Just $20,300
BeoSound 5 – This media player has a 10.4 inch LCD display that can be wall, table, or pole mounted, and uses an aluminum tactile wheel interface. It has a 500 GB hard drive, but can also upload your computer’s media over network connection. Get one today for $5900
Spiral Trap Door Wine Cellar – This wine cellar comes complete with an air ventilation system, temperature and vibration insulating line, and up to 1600 bottle storage. Starts at a mere $30,000
That’s My Face – Take front and profile pictures of your head and this site will generate a 3D sculpture of it for you for just $2000.


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