Special Ops Paintball Guns Review

Posted: February 20, 2009
Special Ops Paintball Guns Review

Olivia and Chris run down a couple paintball weapons that might help you on your next ball-busting adventure including the T9 Longbow Sniper Rifle and the Metadyne Havoc Grenade Launcher, for when precision is not an option, all from Special Ops Paintball.

T-9 Long-bow Sniper Rifle: What You Need To Know

  • It uses small c02 cartridges that fit in the clip, so drop one of those in and tighten it with a 3/16th Allen wrench; this wrench is important, which means you'll need to carry it around during the battle making it kind of annoying
  • Load your paintballs in the clip and in the separate mag; total, it holds about 28 balls which is just as much as the c02 can fire
  • Reloading is a pain, but if you're actually sniping, you won't have to do it much
  • You also have to rotate the barrel to load from the clip or the mag


  • $430

Forge Vest

  • It feels pretty good, actually
  • It's lightweight and breathes, which means while you're running around, you won't be limited by this
  • It has tons of places for paintball canisters and air


  • The only downside is, you'll have to buy a front and back piece separately, which is about $75 total

Meta-Dyne Havoc Launcher

  • It's definitely easy to load and re-load; all you do is attach the air and shove in your foam rockets
  • It's more of a stunning hit rather than getting paint everywhere
  • You can reuse all your ammo, but they break after a few shots sometimes
  • You can even mount it underneath the barrel of your gun


  • $400

Overall Rating




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