Street Fighter IV Review

Posted: February 18, 2009
Street Fighter IV Review
In this X-Play Review, we take a look at 'Street Fighter IV' for multiple platforms. Will it Hadouken its way to a 5? Watch this review and find out!

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  • jr240483

    That there is an understatement.

    Personally i would take KOF over street fighter. At least the boss in KOF is a lot more challenging than Seth.

    Also the english voices are horrible to hear. Not even using known anime VA ( for eg. Laura Bailey - Chun Li ) wont save it.


    the other flaw is there's a lack of old characters like you said. But your kinda wrong on some things. First they do have characters from third strike, but yea,they could have at least have Karen. Though what they should have included is some of the characters from Rival Schools. Also what i dont get is where the hell are the characters from the Street Fighter EX series. Not a single character from that series have been released since EX3 .

    Like i said,it's a good game. BUT IT'S REALLY REALY LACKING ESPECIALLY IN THE VOICE DEPARTMENT. 100% rental at best.

    3/5 is my opinion.

    Posted: November 25, 2011 2:21 PM
  • germ1215

    I also agree with PB_theGreat, and lets not forget their specials, sure there are some that look cool, but everyone has like 2 or 3? LAME!

    Posted: July 31, 2009 6:03 PM
  • germ1215

    i think this game deserves more of a 3/5 cus it lacks options for todays standards, most of the time ur just gonna be playing online, if you dont have xbox live or whatever ps3 offers, since i dont own the ps3, than this game is boring, unless you love street fighter. Dont believe me, go to a few gamestops, they have a crap load of used copys.

    Posted: July 31, 2009 5:58 PM
  • PB_theGreat

    SFIV failed to make the grade in my opinion, I'd give it a 3/5 simply due to the horribly cheap AI, the kind that makes u want to never pick up the controller after getting losing several hundred matches in Arcade Mode, on Easy-Seriously, were they smoking crack when they programmed Fei Long and Cammy in Time Attack? Or the final boss Seth. The character progression was weak, and the anime style cutscenes did nothing to tie loose ends to the plot. Hey, it's a fighting game it's not suppossed to make sense. I get it. Now that gamestop is going to sell the game for $20.00 (which I think it richly deserves) it's worth another look. But, I don't agree with online connectivity issues. True, lobby-land the five round matches that u have to fight against someone in a far off country or maybe down the block, lies to ur face with green arrows for full connection speed before the match; then, presto chango-match starts lag hell begins. I think Capcom just made the hardcore Street Fighter fan in me cry because the fondness that captivated such a large audience wowed by butt kicking to nth degree from The World Warrior to the SSFIITurbo and Alpha days are long gone. Until they release SFAlpha 3 HD Remix, or perplex us with an Alpaa 3+. It's too bad, there wasn't a customizable option to modify arenas or program other characters moves into ur favorite characters. What about progression around the world to level up your character or choosing ur fighting style. The art style wooed me in and and enticed me to spend my $60.00. But, that was a hard lesson learned, and since I don't have SSFTurbo HD for my 360. I think I can swallow my pride and get fork over $20.00 bucks. What the heck happened to the of the Third Strike cast, or eveb Sakura's rival Karen? It's a travesty but, the game does have some strong points but the psuedo-3D backgrounds are painfully obvious. At least Tekken, King of Fighters, and VF don't leave u hanging. This game review needs a re-do stat.

    Posted: July 28, 2009 4:59 PM
  • Covertleader

    Wow. Wheres the innovation in this game, its the same as past versions almost a cookie cutter game. In my opinion Konomi played it safe and took no risks which is a cost to becoming a leader in a field filled with many other games of the same ilk; all fighting( forgive the pun) to be # one.Wheres the character and arena or map stage creator? This would have been a welcome addition to the game that seems distant in an old genre. User creation would allow the user the chance to truly enjoy the Street Fighter experience for the first time. Also the limited roster is unfortunate in a genre of other games that offer a roster from the entire history of the franchise. Yes the game plays well but not worthy of all the hype that it generated. Its an old hat that offers little in the way of innovation that in the past made this game stand out from the many others. This is truely the final word on the sad issue of SF4. Double K.O.!

    Posted: July 15, 2009 5:52 AM

    i like the new Street Fighter my self not as good as doa or : SOULCALIBUR IV but still a good game.

    Posted: July 10, 2009 7:42 PM
  • olympicheropaul

    I hate to admit it but I do not like this game..... at all. I am a huge street fighter fan from back on the arcade glory days. I was pretty good too. I could usually beat four or five people on one quarter. That being said, I suck at this game. I still play fighting games, like soul caliber and DOA. In SC 4 I can crush about 90% of the people I play so it's not like I'm a n00b or something. I just find this game really damn hard. I play arcade on the easiest setting and I still get my butt kicked. I was really looking forward to this game but I have to say if the learning curve is this steep, I think that is a flaw in the game. I am quite shocked it has scored so high. I guess I'm just getting old.

    Posted: July 7, 2009 12:16 AM
  • Covertleader

    In this world today many consumers want their tech to be personalized and provide an experience that's unique and not repeated; to become apart of the tech(ie IPhone,G1,LittleBigPlanet and new Xbox Live Dashboard)if you will.Now as i said the game play of SF4 is top notch which has never been a problem. In this day and age of "PTT"(Personal Touch Tech)this game offers very little in an old genre.The concept of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" just isn't enough anymore.DOUBLE K.O.!

    Posted: June 11, 2009 9:02 PM
  • jr240483

    I wouldn't say that.It's a decent game but it pale compared to Street Fighter Alpha 3.Also it had been out shined by the newest tekken game and virtual fighter games.It's good,but not that good.

    Posted: June 5, 2009 4:18 PM