LG Incite Phone Review

Posted: February 11, 2009
LG Incite Phone Review

The new Incite mobile phone from LG comes in at only $100 and runs Windows Mobile on a wi-fi or 3G connection, but is it worth even the meager price tag?

What You Need to Know

  •  Just over a half an inch thick and weighs less than most phones
  •  The glossy silver finish is stylish but a fingerprint magnet
  •  3 inch touch screen looks great but is a bit small for the face of the phone
  • Touch screen is awkward with Windows Mobile
  •  Response is laggy and the accelerometer is slow to respond
  • Browsing is just okay as scrolling is laggy and there's no pinch and zoom control
  • Video isn't the best coming through Windows Media Player, but at least the speaker is loud
  • 3 megapixel camera takes pictures quickly but the colors are bland
  • This phone is a good deal for the price
  • Everything works fine and calls sound great but the interface just isn't exactly user-friendly just yet


  • $100 with a contract

Overall Rating




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