Super Geek Valentine's Presents

Posted: February 10, 2009
Super Geek Valentine's Presents

Nerd love can be tough and it can be gloriously rewarding which is why Olivia is here to clue you in on what a nerdy girl wants and what you should go out and grab for your potential geek valentine.

For finding the girl – SoulGeek.com – This free online dating service for nerds lets you make a profile, upload cosplay pictures, write your own fanfiction, and look up conventions where you can meet up.

Before meeting in person – Love is in the Air @ WoW – From Feb. 11 to Feb. 16, WoW is having their annual valentine’s celebration where you can go on quests of love and get rare items. Should you be inflicted with “heartbrokenness” your partner can mend your heart.

For when you meet in person – ThinkGeek’s Valentine’s catalogue – There's a Valentine's section full of geek items like a holographic candlelit dinner kit (with 3d glasses), LED heart shirts that detect your girlfriend, and health potion energy drinks for those extra long couples dungeon raids.

For popping the question – Cat5 Wedding Rings – These rings are made of sterling silver coated ethernet cable and can be custom sized for you and your loved one. Great for that chick/dude you met on MySpace.


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