Nokia N96 Review

Posted: February 6, 2009
Nokia N96 Review

We hear a lot about potential iPhone killers, but if you're looking for tons of space including a Micro SD slot, stereo speakers, a better camera with a flash, GPS, flash-enabled browsing, and a big 2.8 inch LCD screen, you just might have found it.

What You Need to Know

  • One of the thickest phones we've seen although still ok for most pockets
  • Screen is a bit small at 2.8 inches, but looks amazing
  • Despite the thickness, it is lightweight
  • NOT a touch screen and suffers because of it
  • Nokia's Symbian Operating System requires patience and could use a user-friendly update
  • Browsing the web is only OK as the directional pad makes navigation clunky
  • Watching video and listening to music is great.
  • Speakerphone is incredibly loud and sounds good
  • 5 Megapixel camera with a dual LED flash make for incredible pictures
  • Shoots YouTube quality video
  • 16 Gigs of internal storage work with the key features of the phone


  • $600

Overall Rating




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