Sweet Weapons

Posted: February 3, 2009
Sweet Weapons

Every once in a while Olivia gets a little anxious and she has to bust up a drug ring. Maybe that's why she knows so much about the sweetest new handheld weapons that can help you get the jump done should you decide to join her.

Prism 200 – This tiny through-wall radar uses ultrasonics to detect moving people and objects through concrete, brick, or block walls. The display can provide 3 different image perspectives or a 3-D isometric lay out of the room. REAL sweet.
Pocket Grappling Hook – 5.5 inches long, with 3 removeable spikes and strong enough for 350 lbs.
Fatman 2 – Need a pull pin smoke grenade? This bad boy produces 100,000 cubic feet of white smoke in 60 – 90 seconds.
Streetwise Stun Baton – This 18" long stick, runs a current along the shaft.


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