Digital Storm Online Gaming PC Review

Posted: January 30, 2009
Digital Storm Online Gaming PC Review

With an Intel Core i7 2.6 Gigahertz processor, 3 GB of Corsair RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 260 Video card, the Digital Storm has smoked us with great performance and relative affordability.

What You Need to Know

  • From Digital Storm Online
  • The computer case is taller than both gaming PCs we've reviewed this week
  • It has a very utilitarian look, not very sleek or sexy
  • If you want your rig looking big and mean, this Cooler Master case is the one for you
  • There is plenty of room for two or three video cards (you might have to increase the power supply though)
  • It has easy-to-expand optical and hard drive slots
  • The setup includes plenty of giant fans and it's ready for liquid cooling
  • We ran the normal 3DMark Vantage tests and since they overclocked the Intel Core i7 to about 3.8 gigahertz (from an original speed of 2.6), the scores were the highest yet with about 12,500 points
  • Earlier in the week, Alienware gave us benchmarks for their base configuration of a comparable machine (at about $1,650) and they had the second highest score with about 12,200 points
  • We specked out the same machine on New-Egg and it came out to about $1,620


  • $1,840
  • We think an extra $220 is worth the assembly, testing, and three year parts and labor warranty which covers all hardware replacement and labor costs

Overall Rating



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