Alienware Area 51 X-58 PC Review

Posted: January 26, 2009
Alienware Area 51 X-58 PC Review

Alienware is all about getting you the sharpest PCs for gaming and the Area 51 X-58 is liable to fit into that class of desktops with up to 12 GB of RAM, 4 terabytes of storage, and a decent starting MSRP of $1,650.

What You Need to Know

  • The case is immediately recognizable and definitely looks cool
  •  On the other hand, it might be a little too big, and we feel like it is time for a case re-design
  • We liked the minimal design of the M17X laptop, so maybe they can apply to this their desktops soon
  • There's a quick release on the back so you won't have to unscrew anything
  • This rig has two giant ATI video cards and four hard drives, but the cable management and clean design give you plenty of room to work
  • There's even things like power contacts on the side of the case so the fan's wires don't get in your way when you pop off the side
  • It's details like this that make us glad we're not building our own
  • These are the first sets of 3DMark Vantage tests we've run on the new Intel X58 chipset, and they've done pretty well
  • The main difference between Intel Core i7 and old Core 2 Duos is hyper-threading; each of the four cores can process two threads at a time, providing eight virtual cores
  • It also has a faster front side bus (called quick path interconnect) and on-die memory controller
  • All of this translates to great performance; our final 3DMark Vantage score was about 22,000 points, only about three thousand short of the fastest PC we've seen
  • We didn't overclock it in the interest of stability, but the Intel Core i7 is very easily overclocked, so you might get a few extra points that way


  • The base configuration for this is about $1,650, but the one we reviewed is $6,380
  • The Cyberpower PC we reviewed last year was $800 less and had better performance
  • It would be a better deal to buy the base configuration of the X-58 

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