Samsung MX20 Camcorder Review

Posted: January 12, 2009
Samsung MX20 Camcorder Review

Samsung, not typically known for their camcorders, is looking to grab up some of the point and shoot camcorder market with their SC MX20. With a 34X optical zoom, 16 hours of storage, a mode optimized for YouTube encoding, and low price point of $200, they may have done just that.

What You Need to Know

  • Has the functionality of a full-sized camera
  • Focus, exposure and white balance can all be customized
  • Video quality is just okay, but on par with similar models
  • 720 X 480 SD resolution is the best you can get without being HD
  • 34X optical zoom is sweet
  • Perfect for a chronic YouTuber


  • $200

Overall Rating




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