Attackable Rich Bastard Gear

Posted: January 7, 2009
Attackable Rich Bastard Gear

There's nothing like a whole bunch of toys that no one but a rich bastard could ever love to make Attack This a more pleasant experience. Today, we attack a razor made from a mammoth, a radio control tank, a killer robot, and the NASA shuttle fleet.

Mammoth Razor – Check this straight-edge razor with a handle made from the 10,000 year old ivory of a wooly mammoth. Limited edition of 50!
1/4th King Tiger R/C Tank – 6 inch long radio controlled vehicle is a quarter size of the original german tank.
Paro Robot – as featured in robot news a while back, this bot will finally be on sale in the states starting in January.
NASA Shuttles – Space shuttles Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour will be retired soon and NASA is putting them up for sale! - $42 million for the shuttle, $6 million for transport to an airport. SOLD!


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