Stocking Stuffers for People You Hate

Posted: December 23, 2008
Stocking Stuffers for People You Hate

So, your Drunckle Ted is coming to crash the holiday festivities at your house and you need some quick and cheap junk to put in his stocking. Olivia is gonna tell you all about owl pellets, the child bubble, and the 2009 Time Warner Cable Guy Calendar.

Owl Pellets – Cuz nothing says F.U. like a box of barf.

WaterWalkerz – Inflatable plastic bubbles so little kids can walk on water and get pushed down stairs and stuff.

2009 Time Warner Cable Sexy Employee Calendar – For your sexually insecure friends who get awkward around man-models.

Air Pump Bra Pad – I imagine the insult is pretty self-explanatory here.



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