HTC Fuze Phone Review

Posted: December 17, 2008
HTC Fuze Phone Review

Taking after the Touch Diamond, the HTC Fuze has Wi-Fi, a 3.2 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Office support, a "Touch Flow" interface and a full QWERTY keyboard. Here now continues our week of gadget reviews for stuff under $300.

What You Need to Know

  • The Fuze has a full QWERTY keyboard
  • It feels heavy and thick at 5.8 ozs. And over .5” thick
  • The 2.8" touch screen looks good, but might seem a little small considering the bulk of the phone
  • It won't feel good in tight pants
  • This phone has pretty much all of the features of the Tilt, like a QWERTY keyboard, 3G and GPS, but adds a better touch screen and a slightly upgraded 3.2 megapixel camera
  • It uses Touch Flow 3D to help you navigate the main menu, cycle through photos or zoom into web pages
  • However, it often feels slow and inaccurate
  • This is probably a by-product of the Windows Mobile operating system, which is why they give you a stylus, even though the Touch Flow software gives the impression you should use your hands
  • The keyboard feels good to type and works well to supplement the mediocre touch screen
  • Unfortunately, it feels less like a perk and more like a necessity
  • The only advantage to the Windows Mobile software is having access to Microsoft Office or if your work isn't iPhone friendly
  • The addition of a so-so touch screen to a pretty solid keyboard set up is almost a disadvantage
  • The bulky size prevents it from feeling as compact as it should be


  • $299 with a contract

Overall Rating


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