Olympus 1050 SW Camera Review

Posted: December 16, 2008
Olympus 1050 SW Camera Review

The new Olympus 1050 SW is a point and shoot with a few interesting features, one of them being something called "tap control" that allows you to take a picture by tapping any side of the camera. It's also waterproof, freeze-proof, and drop-proof up to realistic thresholds.

What You Need to Know

  • The camera fits nicely in your pocket even with the shutter cover
  • The problem is, the cover is loose, so it slides open and closed turning it on and off and this isn't good for an active camera
  • We do like the new paint job too, but when you drop it, the paint scratches off
  • They've also added tap control, which basically lets you control certain things like playback mode and the flash by hitting the camera
  • The tap control totally works like it should
  • Just tap the top two times to turn tap control on and you're set
  • Keep tapping to select different modes for the flash, shadow adjustment or go into playback mode
  • You can then cycle through your photos by hitting either side
  • This works really well and it could be a big help if you had gloves on or something else hindering button pushing
  • As far as image quality goes, any low light at all and you've got a lot of noise and grain
  • The flash helps, but then it blows out your subjects
  • Outdoor shots look better, but colors are muted and things aren't that sharp
  • It's definitely waterproof, freeze-proof, and shock-proof, but the Olympus 1030 SW can withstand more in all aspects
  • The sub-par image quality is the main problem though


  • $240
  • The camera is not quite worth the price tag

Overall Rating


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