Flip Mino HD Review

Posted: December 15, 2008
Flip Mino HD Review

If you need a seriously light camcorder that shoots in 720p and has 4GB of storage, which equals roughly 60 minutes of footage, then you should check out our review of the Mino HD camera from Flip, which can be found for under $300.

What You Need to Know

  • The Mino is the smallest HD camcorder available
  • It is less than 4" long, and weighs only 3.3 ozs.
  • The device has a fairly small 1.5" screen on the back
  • All of the controls are flush with the body of the camera, so it doesn't feel bulky in your pocket
  • If you don't like the look of the camera, you can customize it on Flip's website
  • The video quality looks pretty good
  • It shoots up to 60 minutes in 720p
  • The colors do seem to stand out fairly well, though low light doesn't look good at all
  • You can't change the contrast or sharpness, which might bother a lot of videophiles
  • The 2x digital zoom is fairly smooth
  • The major downside is that you'll need a steady hand for your videos to look really impressive
  • This isn't a camera for filmmakers, so the built-in software is structured accordingly
  • They've kept it simple but still given it functionality
  • Everything is drag and drop
  • You can set in and out points, edit videos together, add music, and take snap shots
  • It isn't Final Cut Pro, or even iMovie, but it'll definitely serve its purpose
  • The software is easy to use and functional
  • If you have an eye for shooting or you're a videographer, it isn't for you, but then no pocket camera is


  • $220
  • For a pocket camcorder in the $200 price range, the video quality is really impressive

Overall Rating


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