Kodak EasyShare C913 Review

Posted: December 3, 2008
Kodak EasyShare C913 Review

This week's look at great gifts for under $100 takes us to today's EasyShare point and click digital camera from Kodak, which has a whopping 9.2 megapixels, a steal at just $99.

What You Should Know

  • About an inch and a half thick which is kind of bulky
  • The finger ridge makes it comfortable to hold
  • The flash is mounted high on the top left so your finger gets in the way of it
  • Overall, it'll fit pretty much anywhere
  • From power up to first shot is really quick
  • The buttons and directional pad are easy to understand and make everything quickly accessible
  • When you take a picture, it leaves the review screen up a long time so your friends can look at it. This can be annoying at times
  • Image stabilization is pretty good
  • It also has trouble powering up sometimes. We've tried two different cameras and it seems you have to re-seat the batteries
  • Colors are natural and vibrant in outdoor shots
  • Anything in low light is way too dark, but you can brighten it with their
  • There's also slight blurring on the edges of every picture you take
  • This has the most megapixels for your dollar at 9.2, but we would recommend the fujifilm j-12 for 99 bucks instead.


  • $99

Overall Rating



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