Tech Hacks to Attack

Posted: December 1, 2008
Tech Hacks to Attack

Madame Olivia Munn lists some of the better technology hacks we should all aspire to achieve. She'll let us in on Trumpet Hero, a TV-B-Gone hoodie, and an emergency party button.

Guitar Hero Trumpet Mode – Some dude refitted his trumpet with Guitar Hero connectivity and a breath control switch.
Custom My Little Ponies – This deviant artist modifies them into movie-based characters like, My Little Boba Fett, My Little Heath Ledger, and My Little Jack Sparrow.

TV-B-Gone Hoodie – This is a hoodie that turns off TVs when zipping up your sweater, so you can screw up CES presentations with less conspicuousness than Gizmodo.

Emergency Party Button – A guy wired his house to automatically dim the lights, close the blinds, turn on music, strobes and black light bulbs at the push of a big red button.


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