Reactor Gaming PC Review

Posted: November 24, 2008
Reactor Gaming PC Review

Starting at $3,700, we have a whole new level in PC cooling with the Reactor PC, whose rig is filled with mineral fluids to keep the parts as cool as possible. How does this cool rig handle the hottest games? Find out in Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need to Know

  • From Hardcore Computer
  • On the PC, they've done a great job of making everything accessible
  • Each port (USB, Ethernet, display etc.) Is on top of the case and this makes it easy to plug things in since this beast will be on the floor most of the time
  • It has two hot swappable hard drives on the back
  • The side of the case pops off for easy access to the radiator
  • There's even a BIOS reset switch and CMOS battery on top
  • If you want to add more RAM or an extra video card on to the motherboard itself you'll have to unscrew a bunch of screws and disconnect most of the power and SATA cables just to get it ready to lift out
  • You then pull it up and watch for dripping; the substance is sort of like a mineral oil, so it's kind of messy
  • Getting in and making changes is definitely tough, but we think the payoff is worth it
  • It is hands down the fastest PC we’ve seen
  • We overclocked everything pretty conservatively and in our 3DMark Vantage tests it scored 26,400 points, making it the most powerful computer ever on AOTS
  • Games like Call of Duty: World at War look unbelievable with every single setting maxed out
  • In short, you won't be disappointed
  • If you want an incredibly fast and unique gaming rig (and have the money), this is the one to get
  • You can get better specs on a budget, but overclocking won't be as stable


  • The base model is $3,700
  • The one we’re reviewing is $10,000

Overall Rating


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