Apocalypse Gear to Attack

Posted: November 19, 2008
Apocalypse Gear to Attack

You never know when the end is nigh, and to help keep you relaxed and comfortable for the long, impending nuclear winter, we offer these items for you to Attack.

Bomb Proof Trashcans
– These guys have LCD screens for weather and directions, making them safe AND friendly!
Quantum sleeper
– These beds turn into panic rooms, complete with bullet-proof plating, O2 filters and the ability to be pimped out with radios, tv’s, computers, phones, and even microwave ovens.
Urban Security Suit – This hoodie is made from body-molded Kevlar and comes with a fashionable gas mask!
FrogConcept Mask – This mask make it so a polluted landscape can appear as a lush green meadow, and turds can smell like roses. We're not sure how or why but that's beside the point.


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