Samsung INNOV8 Camera Phone Review

Posted: November 17, 2008
Samsung INNOV8 Camera Phone Review

Samsung takes their latest shot at the iPhone with this 8 megapixel, smile-detecting camera-phone with video, that also has surround sound capabilities, 8 or 16GB storage, Wi-Fi and GPS.

What You Need to Know

  • It is just barely thicker than most of the smartphones we look at, but still fits nicely in a pocket
  • The form factor works well as a camera too; you really feel like you're holding a point and shoot
  • You can use the directional pad normally or you can slide your finger on it, sort of like an optical mouse; it works okay for the web, but we'd accidentally bump it and end up selecting the wrong options, so thank goodness you can turn it off
  • As for the keypad and screen, they work great; the Symbian OS is quick and it is streamlined, so you're not wasting time going through menus
  • This would have really benefitted from a touch screen though
  • It has an 8 megapixel camera
  • The camera is probably the best we've seen on a phone
  • It has smile, blink and face detection, adjustable ISO, white balance, and anti-shake, just to name a few of its features
  • The pictures look excellent too
  • Everything looks natural and vibrant
  • There is very little grain
  • The dual LED flash gives everything sort of a blueish tint though
  • Overall, a real digital camera is going to be a better choice
  • It has 8GBs or 16GBs of memory, stereo Bluetooth and speakers, Wi-Fi, geo-tagging photos, lots of really cool stuff
  • That said, we just weren't blown away


  • $650

Overall Rating


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