Infinity Classia Home Theatre System Review

Posted: November 13, 2008
Infinity Classia Home Theatre System Review

If you're dying to drop $4,500 on a sweet stereo for your holiday tunage, you might want to check out the Infinity Classia, with it's 400-watt wireless subwoofer, and ceramic metal matrix technology.

What You Need to Know

  • The floor standers are about 4’ tall, which is pretty large, but they do look impressive
  • The subwoofer is wireless, so it can be moved somewhere inconspicuous and it's only 1.5’ high
  • The only things that might be a bit big are the surround speakers; they're 1’ wide, so you'll have to wall mount them
  • The cherry wood veneer gives it a nice furniture look, and you can also get it in a gloss black
  • Overall, it's got some serious class
  • As far as the Ceramic Metal Matrix Technology, basically, Infinity set out to make their speakers out of a material that doesn't resonate as much as traditional speakers
  • Resonation is what causes the cone itself to vibrate and add unwanted noise, so Infinity's engineers combined certain materials to try and eliminate this resonation
  • The Kevlar cone is on the left and Infinity's is on the right and they've managed to dampen virtually all of the cone breakup, translating to better sound
  • It sounds unbelievable.
  • We took it about as loud as it could go comfortably and heard no distortion at all
  • It's a sweet, room-filling sound that makes you feel like you're in a movie theatre
  • Certainly, this is one of the best setups we've heard ever


  • $4,500 for the entire system
  • If you've got a giant living room and want the best experience possible, you can't go wrong with this

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