Raon Everun Note Mini-PC Review

Posted: November 10, 2008
Raon Everun Note Mini-PC Review

The world's first dual-core mini-PC packs a big punch and comes in well under a grand, even with the fancy 7" touch screen and a solid gig of RAM, but can it deliver like other notebooks in it's class?

What You Need to Know

  • This is actually thicker than most netbooks we've seen, but not as wide
  • It's a little over 1” thick which is actually thicker than the Asus EEE PC, but it's under 8” wide
  • It also weighs a half pound less than most of these minis
  • Overall, it's incredibly small
  • As far as the touch screen goes, all the icons are too small and anything other than the native resolution doesn't look good, so you can't resize it
  • Double clicking or scrolling is really tough and the screen rainbows when you touch it
  • We just ended up using the keyboard and mouse
  • The keys are the smallest we've ever used on any computer, and some frequently used keys have weird placement
  • The mouse is a little click nubbin that's hard to use and the right and left clicks are tiny
  • The machine has an AMD dual-core processor and ATI graphics
  • Everything is quick; internet, productivity and it can even run some graphics-intensive games
  • In our PCMark05 Tests, it scored a respectable 1,980 which is great for a netbook
  • Overall, it's one of the fastest we've seen



  • $660
  • It’s not yet worth the price tag, because what you're gaining with portability, you're losing in price and usability


Overall Rating


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