Tech Bargains and Freebies

Posted: November 7, 2008
Tech Bargains and Freebies

We give you the pointers that only we can give you, like where to get free shipping on your weirdest holiday gifts, how to get a free DS game when you buy 2 others, and how to score a free LG Shine plus an Xbox 360 Arcade system at the same time.

Free LG Shine & Xbox 360 – Get yourself a $60 a month calling plan and send for the Xbox within 30 days of the LG plan purchase and BAM, free stripped down Xbox.
Amazon’s 3 for 2 Deal – Just like it sounds, free DS titles when you purchase 2 other select games.
Free Worldwide Shipping – Until December 31 on ALL Brando products.
MacMall Pre-holiday Blow Out Sale – Up to 42% off Apple products, 100% off accessories… or so they say.


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