BlackBerry Bold Review

Posted: November 7, 2008
BlackBerry Bold Review

Chris Hardwick drops by the studio to tell us his impressions on the new BlackBerry Bold, how fancy the apps are and how it might just change your life.

What You Need to Know

  • The device looks just like you'd think a BackBerry would, except that it's actually a little bigger and thicker than older ones
  • It's about the same size as the T-Mobile G1, which is kind of bulky
  • The leatherette back is a nice touch instead of the normal plastic
  • The display is awesome with a 480x320 resolution
  • It’s extremely bright and just all-around beautiful
  • The phone has a trackball and improved keyboard
  • The keyboard is great;.all the keys are spaced out and it reminds us of a roomier Nokia E71 keyboard
  • The trackball will be good for previous BackBerry users, but when it comes to things like navigating the web, it's tough to use
  • This is where a touch screen would come in handy; moving around pages is slow and doing things like zooming is hard
  • The features include HSDPA connection speeds, which is basically 3.5G: it's faster than 3G and ready to be used overseas
  • It has tons of applications like Microsoft Office and other productivity programs, but not the same app store capability we'd like
  • The phone features a 2 megapixel camera with video recording; picture quality is only okay
  • The stereo speakers sound amazing
  • It also has Wi-Fi, and GPS
  • It's better than Windows Mobile and we feel like it will be the next professional phone


  • The phone is $300 with a contract on AT&T
  • For other BlackBerry users it is definitely worth the cash, but for everyone else, hold off until the price goes down

Overall Rating


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