Fujifilm S2000 HD Digital Camera Review

Posted: November 3, 2008
Fujifilm S2000 HD Digital Camera Review

We wrap up last week's Digital Camera Week a day late with this close up of the Fujifilm S2000 HD Digital Camera.

What You Need to Know

  • Right handgrip makes it sturdy to hold
  • It's really not that big or heavy when you're shooting with it
  • The controls are simple to use with dedicated buttons for specific functions like high-speed shooting or the electronic view finder
  • This means you're not going to navigate through too many menus
  • Overall, it's a pleasure to use
  • The camera has a 15x optical zoom
  • It's pretty amazing how close you can get, but you definitely need to have image stabilization turned on
  • Auto focus is also slow to none when zooming; you have to press the shutter to force it
  • Shoot thirty-three high speed shots in three or five megapixels or infinitely in even lower resolution
  • In normal light you can get some pretty cool slow motion, but don't even try in low light
  • Image quality is sort of disappointing
  • In low light with no flash, blur and noise are prominent
  • With a flash, it's too blown out; there's no middle ground
  • Outdoor shots look good, which mean you can probably squeeze some nice pictures out with a lot of manual tweaking
  • If you need the zoom and want to tweak settings, this an okay choice


  • $270
  • If you just want to use the auto settings, then we'd recommend a cheaper point and shoot like the Canon SD1100

Overall Rating



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