Nikon P6000 Compact Digital Camera Review

Posted: October 27, 2008
Nikon P6000 Compact Digital Camera Review

So, you like to take holiday snaps, do ya? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. We got ya. That's why we're here to undress the Nikon P6000 Compact Digital Camera, and take it out for a review.

What You Need to Know

  • There are a lot more options on it since it's more of a "professional" point and shoot, which means there are a lot of buttons; these are all laid out like Nikon's more expensive cameras (D-60, D-90)
  • It's intuitive and simple just like you would expect
  • One thing that does get in the way is the flash; you have to pop it up for most pictures, but your left finger is always on top of it
  • For the GPS, you tell the camera how often to find its location (every 30 seconds up to two hours), but sometimes it has trouble locating the satellites
  • Once it finds them, the camera geo-tags each photo with coordinates, but you have to use Nikon's software to see the actual location
  • As for uploading to the internet, you just plug in an Ethernet cord to the bottom of the camera and give it an e-mail address and you can then upload to Nikon's My Picture Town site and it registers you automatically
  • Both features are something we don't see very often on a camera and they're really cool to have
  • For anything in mid to low level lighting, you have to use the flash, but it gives you good pictures
  • Low light with no flash is guaranteed to get blurry
  • The colors are warm and vibrant, but there is some grain
  • The features and image quality are good, but not great


  • $450
  • It might be a little overpriced

Overall Rating



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