Logitech Spy Camera Clock Review

Posted: October 22, 2008
Logitech Spy Camera Clock Review

Today's Gadget Pr0n talks about things that might happen on the down-low, as we take a look at the Logitech Spy Camera Clock, which is a camera hidden in a desk clock. How awesome is that?

What You Need to Know

  • The clock/camera only needs power; it's wireless and transmits to a receiver that you also have to plug in
  • You then plug in this receiver via USB to a computer
  • Whenever the camera detects motion, it records to your computer
  • This means you have to have your computer on whenever you want to monitor your area; there is no external storage
  • The playback works like an editing program where you just drag around to move to different times and it also automatically skips areas with no footage
  • Real time scrubbing could have been a bit better because there is some lag
  • Video quality itself looks pretty good; 640x480 is the highest resolution and they are all separate Windows Media clips, which are about one and a half megabytes per ten seconds
  • You can also watch your camera live online
  • You just click on the camera you want to view and it's only a delay of about 13 seconds
  • The online service is cool, but to get a lot of the better features, you need WiLife Platinum
  • You have to pay a minimum of $80 a year, but you'll get things like remote playback so you can search all your videos on the internet
  • Text message or email alerts
  • You can also store videos online


  • $330
  • For people who actually need it, $400 with the platinum subscription would be totally worth it
  • For the rest of us just messing around, you could knock a few features off and charge us $200

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