OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Gaming Headband Review

Posted: October 20, 2008
OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Gaming Headband Review

Today's Gadget Pr0n gets down and dirty with the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator, a gaming headband that actually works off of your brain waves to deliver a satisfying gaming experience.

What You Need to Know

  • Most of it is based on muscle action rather than brainwaves
  • If you want to move forward, you only give it a little bit of motion, like raising your eyebrows and keeping them raised
  • To do something more dramatic like firing or jumping, you give it a more sudden action, like clench your jaw or blink hard
  • It’s just like any other macro program
  • You can assign up to 3 events per brain spike, and they can be any keystroke or mouse click
  • Event 1 occurs when there is a little activity, event 2 occurs when there is a bit more and event 3 occurs with the most activity
  • This means your third event happens the least, which is why you want this one to be your fire button
  • It takes a lot of training to make yourself better than you would be with mouse and keyboard
  • It's not 100% accurate, so you may get frustrated a lot of the time


  • Not yet worth the $140

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