iBuyPower PC

Posted: October 6, 2008
iBuyPower PC

Have you been doing a lot of video editing lately and need a new PC to help you finish your masterpiece? Well, today we get all slobbery over the iBuyPower PC, which might be the answer to your prayers.

What You Need to Know

  • Since iBuyPower PC specked this gigabyte case with a lot of space-saving parts, there's plenty of room to work
  • It's only about 17" high and 20" deep with a matte black finish, so it fits nicely in any room, unlike a lot of the massive gaming rigs we review
  • Overall, the size of it belies the power
  • It includes Adobe Premiere Elements 4
  • It scored a 5500 in our PC Mark Vantage tests, and did really well with a 4200 in the TV and movies suite, which is a test of video transcoding and playback
  • With the included Blu-ray burner, it does an excellent job with very little lag, but it would be nice if there was an HDMI out as well as Windows Media Center
  • The terabyte of storage and 8GB of RAM is the perfect set up for even semi-pro editing
  • They saved money on the Corsair Value Select RAM and the Hitachi hard drives which may not be the most stable, but to be completely fair, we've had absolutely no issues


  • $1,800
  • We also specked out a comparable machine on NewEgg, and iBuyPower’s rig was only $100 more, and that's with assembly and their 30 day guarantee


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