Posted: October 3, 2008

TiVo in HD? You bet! And we're so excited about the idea that we couldn't help but get one and find out what it's wearing under that sexy metal hood. In other words, we've got Gadget Pr0n, and it's all about the TiVo.

What You Need to Know

  • Your cable guide is downloaded through the broadband connection up to 14 days in advance
  • For every channel, it shows a list of programs coming up with start and end times; this is much easier to read and understand compared to the time bars on your normal cable box
  • From there you can record an instance of a show, tell it to pad before or after, or get a season pass (record all instances of a show)
  • Using TiVo is one of those things everyone can do, but menus do tend to lag a bit
  • You can record two high def shows at once and watch a third while they're both recording
  • Content looks great because this TiVo is the only THX certified DVR on the market
  • You can use the device with Amazon Unbox which has over 9,000 movies and lots of TV shows for download, but none of it is hi-def yet
  • Rhapsody and Live365 internet radio
  • Yahoo Weather and Traffic
  • YouTube
  • Stream music and video from your PC to TiVo
  • You can also transfer recorded content to your PC
  • You'll need a wired connection or you will need to buy the TiVo wireless USB adapter, but overall, there are a lot of great options if there's nothing on TV
  • If you want the absolute best and you've got the cash, this is the DVR for you
  • For the rest of us, $10 more a month on our cable bill to rent a DVR might be a better option


  • $600 for the box, plus a $13 monthly fee (or a $400 lifetime fee)

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