HTC Touch Diamond Phone

Posted: September 29, 2008
HTC Touch Diamond Phone

We're getting intimate with the HTC Touch Diamond phone, which isn't the iPhone and doesn't run on Google's Android, but wants to prove its worth in the current market nonetheless.

What You Need to Know

  • It is only a tenth of an inch thicker than the iPhone and it actually weighs a little less
  • The 2.8" screen is really nice to look at, but we wish it was larger
  • Overall it's an extremely powerful device for its size
  • The Touch Flow 3D interface is accurate but has a little trouble on the edges
  • The phone has a lot of the same shortcuts as the iPhone, like swiping your finger sideways to navigate
  • The keyboard works well by touch and it has Word Complete as well as handwriting recognition
  • Scrolling is weird since you have to press on the screen to stop the momentum
  • We feel like if it didn't have Windows Mobile, everything would respond a lot quicker
  • The web browser is the best one we've used next to Safari
  • There's a dedicated YouTube application as well as Sprint TV and these work pretty well
  • You can add Windows Mobile programs to the apps page, like Word and Excel
  • The e-mail app supports Exchange and Web E-mail
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • GPS
  • Sprint's coverage and high speed network is better than AT&T’s, and this is faster than most Windows Mobile devices, but the iPhone is still a better device


  • $250 with a contract
  • The cheapest data plan Sprint has is $70 a month

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