Fujifilm Z200FD

Posted: September 22, 2008
Fujifilm Z200FD

We fog up the lens of the new Fujifilm Z200FD digital camera, and try and figure out if those 10 mega pixels are for us, or if it's just glad to see us. Check it out.

What You Need to Know

  • We like the red and black color scheme (one of many available) and the form factor itself is nice
  • It's a little bulky because of the lens cover and the LCD screen; both of those protrude a little, but it's still pretty thin at 0.8" thick
  • When you hold it, your finger gets in the way of the lens a lot
  • Overall, it's a fun thing to pull it out of your pocket and show off
  • It has image stabilization and a 5x optical zoom
  • The group timer is hit or miss
  • You just tell it what kind timer and tell it how many people it needs to detect
  • It detects up to 4 faces, and then snaps a picture when it finds all 4
  • The couple timer is a little different in that it waits to detect two faces, then it finds how close each face is to the other and snaps an image; this one is even more hit or miss
  • Outdoor shots are pretty clear, but image stabilization wasn't the best we've seen
  • Sometimes far-away subjects are a bit fuzzy even in normal light
  • Mid to low light is where things get really strange
  • Colors wash out easily and it's very rare you're going to get a sharp picture
  • The flash blows people out even with face detection


  • $270 online
  • For the price, image quality isn't good enough, especially since you can get the Canon SD1100 we reviewed a million years ago for $160

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