Pioneer Elite 60" TV

Posted: September 12, 2008
Pioneer Elite 60" TV

Today we get all slobbery over the Pioneer Elite 60" TV as we undress it and take a look at what's underneath in this edition of Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need to Know

  • This one is just under 4" thin, which is incredible for a 60" plasma
  • It has 4 HDMIs, 3 composites, and a USB
  • The inputs on the back are inset, so it is possible to wall mount this without having to put a hole in your wall
  • The black finish is not stylish, but it is subtle
  • The anti-reflective screen eliminates a lot of glare
  • The picture customization and automatic calibration works well
  • You just plug in their calibrator and go to the optimum performance mode, the TV does the rest
  • It monitors ambient light, color temperature and a bunch of other conditions and it actually yields a better picture than if you did it yourself
  • It also has a room light sensor which dims or brightens the backlight
  • The sheer number of options along with ease of use makes this the ultimate customizable television
  • The blacks are incredibly deep like they claim
  • Colors are vibrant and natural
  • The pure-cinema smooth film motion ups the refresh rate from 60 to 72 hertz rather than 120 like we saw in the Samsung 46" LCD, so it has more of a film quality to it
  • This TV is a lot of money and the picture is not as good as the Samsung 46” we reviewed previously
  • Don't get us wrong, it looks terrific, it's just not the best


  • $5,700

Overall Rating

  • 86% (3.5 Seals of Approval)




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