i2i Stream

Posted: September 10, 2008
i2i Stream

On today's Gadget Pr0n we'll review every mobile audiophile's dream come true (perhaps), the i2i Stream, a device which makes any audio equipment (speakers, MP3 players) totally wireless.

What You Need to Know

  • You connect the standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack to any audio source
  • Connect the smaller end to the i2i
  • Turn it on, pick your channel color, and push send
  • Select the same channel color on the receiving i2i and push receive
  • It claims about 30', which is basically Bluetooth range
  • Sound quality starts to degrade as you get out of range and it is not the best to begin with
  • It's heavy on the bass, but has no real highs or mids; it does the job though
  • They are light, but about 1" thick which is too bulky; these could easily be the size of the Samsung Pebble MP3 player or a USB drive
  • They do come with a ton of different cables which streamlines the process of setting up
  • It works great as a tool for streaming in your house, like if you wanted to listen to stuff on your computer or home theatre while walking around
  • Other than that, it has to catch on to be useful


  • $100

Overall Rating

  • 73% (2 Seals of Approval)




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