Sony E-Reader

Posted: September 8, 2008
Sony E-Reader

Sony is trying their best to be the class of the digital reader market, and they've certainly brought the heat with the PRS505 Digital Reader, known as the E-Reader.

What You Need to Know

  • It is about 0.3" thin
  • The aluminum-feeling metal body is nice to hold and accommodating to your hands
  • Comes with a leather bound case, so all in all it is a very stylish product
  • The E-ink display is easy on the eyes just like a paperback, and has an almost identical feel to what real pages look like
  • Like the Kindle, there is noticeable lag when switching between menus or turning pages; not a big deal while reading a book, but getting around in the menus is too slow
  • No backlight, but the Kindle does not have one either
  • It is not wireless like the Kindle, so you have to use the Sony E-book Store
  • You just add books to your cart and sync up your reader via USB
  • In the store it is easy to search for titles, or add other media from your computer too
  • They have over 20,000 titles, but Amazon has 170,000 available
  • Both services are still way too expensive
  • In terms of features, the Kindle has this beat; wireless transfer, way more content, a keyboard, the internet, tons of stuff
  • We like the Sony Reader as a device, but it's still too much money



  • $270

Overall Rating

  • 80% (3 Seals of Approval)


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