Samsung Series 8 46" LCD HDTV

Posted: September 4, 2008
Samsung Series 8 46" LCD HDTV

46 inches of hot LCD action is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, we're all drooling over it, which is why we've chosen to make the Samsung LCD HDTV our object of affection on today's Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need to Know

  • It actually is thinner than the remote at 1.9", but this means if you want to use the back inputs, you can't wall mount it; there are a few side inputs too
  • The touch of color embedded into the frame is a subtle red which matches the power light; we like it, but red may be a bit much for some people
  • The glossy screen may also have too much glare in well-lit environments, but again, we like it
  • 120 hertz refresh rate
  • Basically, a normal computer monitor refreshes at 60 hertz, but this tv's refresh rate is double that
  • This means that fast motion generally looks smoother because it cuts down on what is known as "judder" or artifacts of when film is transferred to video; these artifacts look like little boxes surrounding motion
  • All in all, it makes film look more like video, or like you are watching the scene unfold from next to the camera rather than through it
  • 50,000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio offers some of the deepest blacks we've seen
  • Colors look vibrant and are true to life
  • 6 millisecond response time and 120 hertz refresh rate combine for an amazingly smooth viewing experience


  • $2,700
  • This TV delivers on every level; 4 HDMIs, 2" thick, 120 hertz, amazing picture, you can't go wrong and it's totally worth the money

Overall Rating

  • 90% (4 Seals of Approval)


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